Gamer Focus: Who Is Lazar Beam?

The Versed continues its never-ending mission (no, not the one to seek out new lives and new civilisations) but the one to keep you up to date with the best and most popular gamers from around the world. This week we look at popular YouTube personality and gamer, Lazar Beam.

Early life

Lazar’s real name is Lannan Eacott. He hails from the land down under, which is where he developed his trademark Ozzy accent. He grew up with a sister, Tannar and his brother Bodhi and one other brother. Growing up in the countryside in Australia Lazar was subjected to the natural world in a big way. As a result of this, he developed his infamous fear of rodents (perhaps he saw lots of streamers as a kid as well, because he seems to hate them too!)

Sibling bantery

His sister has a youtube channel that is pretty popular in its own right and they often feature in each other’s video. It’s clear the pair have a great relationship and that shines through on the camera together.

Lazar don’t need no education

Lazar didn’t get any sort of education beyond High school. He dropped out of the education system without attending college or university, preferring instead to go into his families construction business. This might come as a bit of a shock as on his videos he always seems pro-education. Perhaps he wants kids to learn from his own mistakes. While it was a great way to pay the bills it wasn’t a great fit for Lazar and before long he tired of this sort of work. His passion had always been for making videos.

Early foray

Given his propensity for using a camera, it was no surprise when Lazar started his own YouTube channel. It may surprise fans to know what the channel was based on though. It wasn’t dedicated to gaming, it was a channel where he filmed things being demolished in slow motion. Obviously, as he was working in construction he had the perfect conditions to make videos of this ilk.

These videos were surprisingly entertaining. They were carried partially by the fact that it’s cool to see stuff smashed up, but also due to Lazar’s unquestionable charisma. Eventually they came to an end. The reason being his expensive recording equipment was stolen. while it might have seemed devastating at the time with hindsight it would lead to bigger and better things for the young Australian.

Lazar steps into gaming

Seeing the popularity of the likes of Pewdiepie Lazar decided he was going to start his own gaming channel in 2015. A month later he uploaded his first video. A simple gaming video of him playing the game MEN. He mixed it up over the coming months releasing Madden videos and videos based around GTA mods.

Taking it PG

Before YouTube decided to clear up its act, Lazar was a step ahead of the game. To begin with, his content was full of uncensored and colourful commentary. In order to secure a higher viewership and to make his site more advertiser-friendly, he dialled this right down to make a far more “kiddy-friendly” product. This proved a masterstroke as his channel began to skyrocket in popularity.

Lazar goes from gaming to reactions

He began to branch out into doing reactions videos. Because of his larger than life personality, these proved a big hit and after just five months he had hit the 50k subscriber mark. Two years later and he hit the coveted millionth subscriber mark. In the past year, his subs grew massively and currently, he sits on a huge 10 million subs. He has videos on his channel that rank in the billions of views and shows no show in his popularity waning. His gaming is improving too, he even holds a victory over legendary Fortnite player, Ninja.

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