Here Is How PUBG Mobile Is Now The World’s Highest Grossing Game


PUBG is no doubt one of the most popular games on the market right now, but most don’t realise just how popular PUBG’s newest addition, PUBB Mobile really is. PUBG Mobile is not only newly the most popular mobile game in the world, with more than 100 million monthly players, it’s now also the top grossing: collecting more than $146 million last month in revenue according to new analyst figures reported by The Financial Times.

So, you may be wondering just where all that revenue comes from. Well, like many modern games, the money simply comes not only from items and skins bought by players in PUBG Mobile (which was adapted from the South Korean PC original by Chinese tech giant Tencent), but also from money spent in the game’s China-only rebrand, Game For Peace, which recently became accessible to the public. According to estimates from Chinese brokerage Great Wall Securities, PUBG Mobile generated $76 million in revenue last month while Game For Peace generated $70 million.

The latter title, Game For Peace was published in May by Tencent after Chinese government regulators rejected PUBG Mobile for monetisation. Game For Peace is essentially a more user-friendly version of PUBG Mobile with a patriotic setting and less bloodshed, aka more PG. Instead of your character dying in a pool of blood when eliminated from the game, for example, players in Game For Peace get up and wave goodbye.

The second place is held by another of Tencent’s game, Honor of Kings, which generated $125 million.

According to Sensor Tower, $43 million of the total revenue was collected from Android users while $101 million came from iOS users. The game generated $4.8 million per day in the month of May through its In-App purchases which includes skins and other items.

While Fortnite, another battle-royal game, is popular with PC and console users, the revenue of its mobile version (launched in limited countries) isn’t even half of PUBG mobile’s revenue. In May, Fortnite’s total player spending was about $43.3 million, according to the site.

After PUBG started limiting the daily play time for its other games, which is one hour for players under 12 and two hours for players from 13-18 years of age, it was speculated that this might affect the overall revenue of the company. But with the figures in, Tencent’s PUBG mobile has proved these speculations wrong and secured a top position in the mobile gaming industry.

The game was also asked to set daily limits for players below 18, and these reasons made analysts worry PUBG Mobile would lose its momentum. However, based on the earnings the game made last month and its sheer popularity on app stores across the world, it’s seemingly unleashed a new level of popularity which has viewed the craze as something that’s unlikely to die down anytime soon.

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