5 Secret Finds Located In World Of Warcraft’s New Zones


1. Secret Fishing Toy

The secret finding discord and Warcraft Secrets are still hard at work going at patch 8.2’s mysteries, including the Lucid Nightmare mount released in Legion, and the Baa’l pet released in Battle For Azeroth. Now, they’ve found (and solved) another one, too. Only this time the secret item is fishing-related.

The ultimate reward for this one is the Hyper-Compressed Ocean Hyper-Compressed Ocean toy, which creates a big floating globe of water that you can fish from and it has all the fish!

The way to get it is through two achievements, with the first being Secret Fish of Mechagon Secret Fish of Mechagon, which will grant you the Secret Fish Goggles Secret Fish Goggles, and these then allow you to complete Secret Fish and Where to Find Them Secret Fish and Where to Find Them – and that one will give you the ocean toy. The way to finish all of these is, of course, via fishing, starting with 10 in Mechagon that each start a quest to deliver them to Danielle Anglers.

The Secret Fish and Where to Find Them Secret Fish and Where to Find Them achievement has you using the goggles and, well, finding a lot of fish. Some of them are time-gated, some are only findable while dead, some are zone-specific, and there’s 30 of them total.

2. Fabious

Fabious, one of the mysterious mounts teased by Muffinus, has been found!

To get it all you have to do is take a picture of you and Fabious with the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera MkII. Fabious spawns every 2-8 hours in Nazjatar and slowly circles around the area before despawning. Multiple people can get the mount as long as they all have the Selfie Camera and take a selfie with him.

Here’s a list of spawn points and locations in which he has been seen:

/way Nazjatar 27 30 Fabious
/way Nazjatar 39 54 Fabious
/way Nazjatar 40 11 Fabious
/way Nazjatar 49 58 Fabious
/way Nazjatar 49 85 Fabious
/way Nazjatar 75 51 Fabious

3. Pearl Of Abyss

Pearl of the Abyss is one of the new mysterious items introduced in Patch 8.2. Originally it’s source was “Drop”, however it was later removed.

The item appeared in the Toy Box for a short while and then it was hidden. The hotfix on July 2nd also confirms that the toy can now be obtained, but the item is still hidden in the Toy Box, at least for now.

One item with a similar name has been datamined: Pearl of the Abyss.

4. Pepe’s Robot Costume

Pepe is one of the most beloved and faithful companions in World of Warcraft to date, which made the newest Pepe addition just that much more enticing to fans. Added in Warlords of Draenor, he quickly took over our hearts and became a little celebrity. Nowadays, rarely anyone chooses to venture into new content alone, and with Pepe, you’ve got a friend with you all the time!

To unlock Pepe’s Robot Costume, A Tiny Clockwork Key, you will have to find Pepe at coordinates 68.5 47.9 within Mechagon’s Alternate Future.

To get to Mechagon’s Alternate Future for the first time you will have to talk to Chromie at coordinates 70 31 in Mechagon when she is up as a daily visitor. If you’ve been to Mechagon’s Alternate Future before and have obtained the Blueprint: Personal Time Displacer (random drop from NPC’s there) then you can craft and use a Personal Time Displacer to travel to the alternate future of Mechagon.

5. Postmaster Malown

It’s not technically a new zone, but it is a brand new pet battle dungeon! Postmaster Malown (who people have referenced is a secret Post Malone-inspired NPC) is a hidden NPC that you can summon in the new Stratholme Pet Battle Dungeon. If you can defeat him you’ll get the Malowned achievement and the Burnout battle pet.

To summon Postmaster Malown you will have to find a Discarded Letter throughout the dungeon and then go to the Market Row Postbox. Note that some of the Discarded Letters can only be picked up after you defeat Stage 6 or Stage 9 of the Pet Battle Dungeon.

/way 56.9 50.8 Discarded Letter
/way 59.7 40.5 Discarded Letter
/way 68.9 54.0 Discarded Letter
/way 57.8 36.9 Discarded Letter
/way 40.2 10.4 Discarded Letter
/way 57.7 13.8 Market Row Postbox | Postmaster Malown

Postmaster Malown can easily be defeated by using three pets with Flurry, Dodge and Burrow.

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