Darts or eSports, Which Deserves The Olympic Nod?

Darts versus eSports it is a debate that has raged on since…well since this morning. It has been pondered by literally…well just me. However, both of these sports want a berth in the Olympics but who is more deserving? Let’s take a look and find out!

Getting good at maths

This is not going to be a topic that helps to separate one from the other. Maths is important. Without a rudimentary understanding of it, you could get short-changed or make mistakes on your taxes! Darts players are renowned for their quick maths skills. After all, you need to know what 501 minus triple 1 is so you know what to aim for! You would think this would give darts the edge, but ask any MMORPG and they will be able to quickly ascertain how many extra hitpoints they will get for their new armour set.

Animal instincts

I once read a piece from a great writer that Olympic sports should pertain to mans most base instincts. For instance, wrestling takes pride of place because ancient man needed to be able to fight to survive. Running was so ancient man could escape those hunting him. I guess if ancient man had fashioned tiny spears they may have been useful for killing…I don’t know, pigeons or something? You could argue that it is a display of dexterity, but then video games sharpen your reflexes too.

Global appeal

Depending on which source you rely on it is rumoured that eSports tournaments have approached viewing figures comparable with the Superbowl, which is one of the most-watched sporting events on the planet. Darts has a loyal fan base, but it’s viewing figures aren’t in the same league. So eSports takes a lead over darts.


There is no doubt that the atmosphere at an eSports event can be buzzing, however, darts does create a unique spectacle. Perhaps it’s the drinking culture that surrounds the sport. How can you compare with a group of drunken louts singing in unison? You can’t really. It is debatable whether or not the Olympic committee wants to attract that element to their events, however, there is no questioning that darts has the edge here.


Some Olympic sports require a great deal of space and expensive equipment. Think about the 1500 metres, it wouldn’t have the same panache if the guys and gals were doing laps around the local park, would it? Hundreds of millions of pounds often go into the development of huge stadia to host games, then there is the cost of equipment to be considered. Dartboards aren’t particularly expensive and most players provide their own darts. Plus you could hire any old bingo hall to host it. Have you seen the cost of a games console? Darts sneaks into the lead here.


While it may be marginally cheaper to host darts, what about the interest it brings in? Sure the Olympics won’t struggle for sponsors, but when it comes to the sponsorship of the individual events you have to believe that people will be clamouring to sponsor eSports. So the series is tied up once more.


eSports commentary is good, darts commentary is great. One particular commentator Sid Waddell before he passed away was one of the most entertaining commentators of all time. Advantage darts.


It is the spice of life after all. Darts is pretty formulaic, an overweight guy steps up to the oche, throws his arrows and chugs some beer. The various different games on offer in the world of eSports mean that there is something for everyone, from the cerebral nature of the likes of DOTA 2 and Hearthstone to the flat out carnage from the likes of Call of Duty and Fortnite


Let’s be honest here. They are both awesome. Can we not just stick them both in. If there are too many sports just get rid of Judo or something (sorry Judo fans.)

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