Gamer focus: Geoff Robinson

For those of you who follow our site, you will be aware that we have been running a series on eSports stars and gamers. Today we are going to deviate from the norm by looking at a former gamer who stepped into commentary. It is a poignant reflection as he sadly passed away recently.

Legendary gamer

Although Geoff Robinson is arguably more famous for his work on a microphone the man has a storied gaming history too. He was one of the first people to ever play Starcraft 2 and went on to form the Evil Geniuses team which competed in Starcraft 2. He was a US champion as well as a pioneer and a player that many young Starcraft gamers attempt to emulate.

Younger days

Although Robinson passed at a painfully young age, he wasn’t always the renowned commentator. He was so much more. He was born, the oldest of three brothers in Seattle Washington, where he was privately educated. Throughout his career, he has been a consistent roleplayer. Creating amazingly deep characters such as Vincent Longborn. He also acted as a dungeon master from time to time solidifying his role as a cult hero to geeks everywhere. Perhaps less known is the fact he was also a very proficient coder.


It goes without saying that Robinson had a huge impact on the Starcraft community through his playing exploits but he was also a massive influence on the community as a whole. He helped to create a coaching manual for Starcraft as well as hosting a regular “state of the game” podcast where they discussed all things Starcraft 2.

Legacy as a commentator

At one point he was asked if he would switch to being a fulltime sportscaster due to the fact his career wasn’t quite hitting the dizzying heights he would have liked and he answered no because it wasn’t about money, he simply loved playing the game. Following his retirement from competitive sports, it was to nobodies surprise when he wanted to stay within the industry. The transition into announcing was flawless. It was here he picked up the moniker, ‘iNcontroL’. Who better to call big matches then a man who played so many. And due to his lengthy experience, you would have been hard pushed to find someone with more Starcraft knowledge.

Taken too early

Unfortunately this past Saturday he was found dead. Out of respect for his friends and family, there are limited details except that the cause of death was a sudden onset illness. The type of illness has yet to be disclosed, but it is terribly sad when such a young, talented individual passes long before their time.

Remembering his life

The condolences on social media came in by their droves. Here is a selection of them:

Fellow commentator Nick Plott said:

“Rest In Peace @iNcontroLTV . There will only ever be one of you. You brought so much joy and laughter to me and so many others. I just wish I could have said goodbye. Just because you die young doesn’t mean your story won’t live forever.”

Another commentator, Anders Blume commented:

I am speechless, what a heartbreaking thing to be reading. One of the friendliest most radiant people I’ve ever met. I’m shocked, all my thoughts are with his family.

eSports journalist Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields added:

One of the most entertaining people to ever be involved with esports. His contributions will be remembered and there’ll never be another like him.


Obviously, every heartfelt comment is appreciated. However, if you really want to honour his legacy, Robinson was a huge supporter of the Southern California Bulldog Rescue centre. His family have suggested that fans could support this worthwhile charity that rescue and look after mistreated Bulldogs.

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