Here Is How You Can Play Minecraft Classic In Your Browser


For most of us, it’s been around ten years since the first public version of Minecraft was first released on the TIGSource forums, and a lot has happened since then. Now, you’ll notice that Microsoft owns the game, 74 million people actively play it monthly, and there’s even a new film adaptation in the (very) near future. It’s original creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, has also since been scrubbed from its credits.

Unlike some popular games, like World of Warcraft for example, Minecraft has received ongoing additions and improvements under “mini” updates rather than huge fundamental changes once every few months, so it’s hard to feel nostalgic for its past. But in case you do, the very first public build of Minecraft is now available to play. Best of all it’s free, and you can do it right now in your web browser.

Starting today, you can play the original Minecraft — complete with bugs — in your web browser. To celebrate the iconic game’s impending 10th anniversary, developer Mojang released “Minecraft Classic,” which preserves the game as it was in 2009. That includes a much more spartan interface, an extremely limited 32 blocks to build with, as well as all of the bugs and technical issues that were present at the time. “Minecraft 2009 is even more glorious than we remembered!” Mojang’s Tom Stone wrote in the announcement post. It’s certainly a far cry from the current iteration of the game, as well as future plans like moving into augmented reality, so don’t go in expecting things like survival mode.

Features of Classic Minecraft include basic controls, 32 blocks game, simple commands, paying with others, up to 9+ players support, 2D artworks, 3D sculptures.

32 blocks game:
The game has only 32 blocks which means one will be restrictive in what he can or wants to build. The player will encounter no enemies at the start of the game. Few of these blocks including stone, oak Sapling, oak Woods, poppy, coloured Wools, cobblestone, grass, sand, glass, gold Block, mushrooms. dirt, dandelion and many others.

Play with others:
Minecraft classic supports your play with others. Playing alone sometimes get boring; therefore this version will not let into the boredom. Minecraft Classic supports you to play with up to 9 players for performing your tasks and projects.

Simple commands:
Classic Minecraft provides its players with simple commands. Players can save and load the location on four levels. Furthermore, players can access build menu, can open chat, and can load spawnable mobs and many more. These spawnable mobs are available for the only fraction of minute, and then they disappear.

Basic controls:
Controls in this version are straightforward. In Minecraft, Classic players are unable to swim, crawl, sprint or crouch. One cannot perform complex tasks in this version. Players can use their mouse buttons to remove any hurdle they encounter on their way.

The studio has also encouraged users to Tweet their favourite Minecraft memories using the hashtag #MineCraftMemories. You might even end up being featured on the Minecraft website.

You can check out Minecraft Classic right here.

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