If Farming Simulator Can Become An eSport Why Not These?

With the recent suggestion that the popular simulation Farming Simulator 2019 is set to become an eSport, it got us here at the versed thinking. If that can be turned into an eSport (more on that shortly) then what the hell else could translate into an event? Note that not all of these suggestions will be existing games!

So how is farming simulator doing it?

Yeah, we wanted to know the details as well. Apparently, teams will work together to try and bale the most hay they can in a fifteen-minute window, they will be in direct competition with another team trying to best them. Sounds captivating, but then to be quite frank I was never a fan of the Farming Simulator anyway, so perhaps I’m a little bias. Anyway, let’s look at some things that could also join the burgeoning list of eSports.

Sim City

I know that just about everybody in the world hated the most recent iteration of this. But put down your flame guns for just one second. Some of it was okay. Ploppables were great, being able to customise lots to suit your cities needs. Sharing with a region was a great idea too. As an eSport, it wouldn’t so much be a tournament as a global leaderboard where regions compete to have the best GDP or the highest oil exports. It could be so much fun.

Supermarket sweep

Did you ever watch this quiz show as a kid? It was okay. Now a quiz show in itself might be something that is possible to translate into an eSport. But specifically, they should focus on creating a game where you tear through supermarket aisles grabbing as much as you can. Of course in order for this to be even slightly entertaining it would need a massive dose of humour and I’m not sure how it would be set up so it’s competitive, but frankly, that is for somebody else to ponder.

Lego battle Royale

Who doesn’t love a good Lego game? There are so many of them out there to choose from. Look at the Lego dimensions game, at least conceptually, how cool was it to have a game containing characters from The Simpsons, The Ghostbusters, Harry Potter etc? Imagine taking this to the next level. A battle Royale game similar to Fortnite, only you build lego stuff and the licenses are from across the Lego universe so you have Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Jurassic Park… I know that licensing laws would probably prevent this from ever happening, but this is a fantasy list and what a terrific dream.


No. Don’t you dare look at me like that! Sandcastle’s in virtual form is an immense idea. Throw in a sculpting tool and a mini-game for when you try and place the sandcastle – where if you tap more than three times it comes out looking an abomination, true to real life. Once again I’m not sure how this would be judged. Probably much like a flower arranging contest. I’m not selling you on this, am I?

The Sims

We have already had Sim City why not go the whole hog and make the sims competitive. You could base success purely on who makes the most money and friendships in a set period of time, actually, this is a terrible idea.

Football Manager

A super league based around the world’s top players would be like fantasy football on steroids! The popular football manager series tried to make an MMORPG and it sort of tanked, but just playing the normal game where every other single team was another human manager would be insane! Make this happen. This needs to happen! Surely it would be more fun than farming Simulator after all!

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