The League Of Legends Dream Team

There are plenty of eSports that require a squad. Take a game like League of Legends with its huge cast of characters to choose from, with all of them bringing something slightly different to the table. Today we take a look at the 12 main classes and imagine if we could grab characters from other media to fulfil the roles, so without further ado here is our 12-strong LOL team.


In League of legends, these tend to help the skills of others but aren’t particularly effective in combat themselves. Now perhaps it is just me, but that sounds a bit like a “watcher” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and there is only really one of them, isn’t there? So we are choosing Rupert Giles in this role.


These specialise in locking down areas of the battlefield. Often by leaving deadly traps for foes to walk into. But out of left-field but we are going to select Kali Ma for this. That weird bald dude from the Temple of Doom, just because his temple was chock-filled with booby traps!


These behemoths have great damage and can also tank as well. Their only downside is that they are about as quick as an Uber during kick out time on a Friday. Our choice for this role was painstaking. But we have decided on a Rancor from Star Wars. The lumbering oafs are so slow they got taken out by a whiny farm boy.


A bit of a tank, but far more mobile and with solid damage. They are great allrounders. For this character, we are going to look at the Marvel Universe and give the role to Iron Man (RIP – what?! It’s been long enough we are aloud spoilers, surely?)


These interesting characters use a single attack that does massive damage to take out an opponent fast. For this reason, they are similar to an assassin. And what better assassin than the merc. with the most, so we are giving this role to Deadpool! Can you imagine him in League of Legends? Epic.


Wage into the heart of the battle and lay down some serious firepower, using deadly area of effect attacks. I instantly, once again, thought of Ironman for this role, but giving it more thought I am going to go with Boba Fett. Partially because Boba Fett is frigging cool, but also…firepower.


These are very much a ranged class and suffer greatly when their opponents get into close range. Therefore a sniper character seems a good fit for this role. It has to be Deadshot!


These rely just on basic ranged attacks and take almost no damage. They are the easiest class to master because of their simplicity. Due to their inherently dull nature, we figure the perfect Marksman would be a Clone Trooper.


These are stealthy and quick and great at getting up close to dispatch their enemies. It is for that reason we are going to make our Assassin Jack Bauer. His infiltration skills were exemplary.


There are a couple of Tanks in LOL and the warden is the defensive one. Their abilities mean that they take a vast amount of damage freeing up their fellow heroes to do their thing. This has to be Jon Snow, doesn’t it? Well, it is!


Wardens are the defence, vanguards are the offence! They are usually the first to charge into battle and can sustain plenty of damage but can dish it out too. Because of this and the fact they are a melee class we couldn’t resist using Chuck Norris. Actually, we didn’t really want to, but Chuck made this decision for us.


This class relies on situational weapons, meaning they are most likely to place some kind of turret. Therefore we decided to use Mr T. Let’s be honest in the A-team he was always able to weld a pickup truck into an attack helicopter, meaning he is the perfect fit to complete our League Of Legends team.

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