Here Are 10 Sports Less Interesting Than eSports

eSports is massive and despite what that 58-year-old guy in the pub might have told you it is fun to watch. There are rumblings that eSports will one day usurp physical sports. We are not sure if that will ever happen but here is a list of 10 sports that aren’t as interesting as eSports.


I don’t like cricket…I love it! However, I have a very good understanding that not all of the world is on the same page as me. For some you cannot beat the feeling of seeing willow on leather, others are baffled at the concept of sports that can be played over 5 days and still end in a draw.


This interesting, winter-take on bowls is just a bit odd. It involves ice skates and a sweeping brush. While I have watched this (because it is the only sport at the Winter Olympics where team GB doesn’t suck.) I can’t help but think it’s just a weird version of doing the housework.


I know that insulting one of the US’s most famous pastimes might seem a bit crazy, but if you include Cricket (which I did through gritted teeth) you have to include baseball. It’s basically the same game, isn’t it? Okay so it has some key differences but it’s still duller than the colour grey.

Baton Twirling

Is this even a real sport? Well, it was on the list of sports on Wikipedia so we are counting it. And it earns its place in spectacular fashion by being basically a sport about waving around a stick. It’s not even a pointy stick like in fencing. If they did this with a chainsaw, I’d be impressed.


I am obviously not talking about the BMX-ing that you might see at the X-games. Obviously, that stuff is very entertaining. I’m talking about seeing people in lycra do laps of the velodrome. My mind is numbed just contemplating it.


I enjoy going for a run. Putting on your earphones and taking a jog along by the seafront is therapeutic and great exercise. However, take away the scenery and replace it with a track. Take away the music and replace it with…well nothing. Then you have running. It’s just dull.


Even the commentary for snooker is boring! Don’t get me wrong I would happily pick a cue and pot some balls in the pub, but it is really not a spectator sport. I’d much rather watch a game of Call of Duty then some dude in a waistcoat hit a ball with a stick. Sorry.


For a long time, I considered that literally, the only reason that golf existed was so that rich people could wear really garish clothes and get away with it. Then I watched some of the Masters! Now I can’t help but think that, personally, I’d rather look like an idiot for no reason. Rather than having to endure a bunch of badly dressed dudes, with a Jacko-like singular glove, try and whack a ball into a hole.

Horse racing

If this sport has any redeeming features it is the fact that short people can do well in it. I say they do well, let’s be perfectly honest it’s the horses that do the hard work. The jockey’s pretty much just have to hold on for dear life.


Okay, I get it you can compete to see who catches the biggest fish. You can, but should you? Probably not. I think the real kicker is that once these people catch these fish they then release them. I just think you spend several hours trying to land the damn thing you could at least have the decency to eat it afterwards.

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