Is There Something Insidious About The Casino DLC In GTA?

Many will say that Rockstar “changed the game” when they introduced their gambling patch. Of course, those people are literally correct. That is exactly what they did. However, it has some gamers complaining that they have become a little addicted to the new mini-games. There is even the odd player who has seen their online balance eradicated.

We are not having a moan, most of the online players are only being tongue-in-cheek. In fact, the new GTA content has been well-received by just about every fan of the game. So unlike a real-life gambling addiction, when it comes to a harmless video game it’s actually probably a good thing.

Learning from mistakes

In the past DLC for GTA has seen fans a little miffed that the entry requirements to enjoy the new content is so high. That isn’t the case with this new gambling content as even low-level players with a small bank balance can enjoy it right off the bat. It would seem that this was by design. GTA expert Zack Zwiezen suggesting that players of any level can log on and make themselves some GTA cash while killing an hour having some fun. He later went on to make a quip based on complaints about the addiction. He pointed out how nice it is by comparison to some of the other stuff that goes down in the game. Certainly putting 50 cents on red 23 seems more friendly then shooting somebody down in cold blood because a drug deal went south!

Better be design

Zwiezen went on to mention that in past updates that existing players would have to spend millions of in-game cash on unlocking new buildings and vehicles and that there was a whole mess of grinding that needed to be completed before you even got to that stage. The insinuation here that making this content easily accessible was a blessing, not a curse.

Obvious impact

The impact that making the DLC so accessible is measurable in a very tangible way. Since the new content dropped users have reported an increase in connectivity issues, the sort of problems usually associated with an increase in traffic. It’s pretty clear the GTA community loves this addition.

Not always rainbows and butterflies

However not every player has welcomed the changes, mainly due to some having rotten luck. One Twitter user commented:

“GTA 5 got me going broke in-game because I’m having trash luck in the casino,”

Another added:

“There’s a whole ass casino update on GTA 5 and I literally became broke in two hrs,”.

There are plenty of comments poking fun at the fact that this is just a game and that if it were real life they might be getting themselves into a few problems. Which actually leads us to one bone of contention.

Is the DLC exploitative?

There has been a lot of controversy on modern games relying overly on loot cases as part of their business strategy. These mechanics are designed almost purely to take gamers hard-earned money (can you call it hard-earned if you got it from your mum for washing dishes?)

While GTA users cannot buy chips from the casino with real currency, they can buy GTA money with a real currency which they can then trade for casino chips. Given the very addictive nature of these new mini-games could GTA end up functioning almost like a real casino? The only problem is that even if you beat the online casino you can’t transfer your increased GTA bucks into cold cash, so the house literally wins even when it loses. Do some think this is a little insidious and perhaps the reason this DLC was made so accessible, surely not? Surely a video game company invented this with pure intentions? Hmmm…

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