Are EA Going To Change The Game With FIFA 2020

Fifa is the game that football fans wait all year for. And with the start of the football season kicking off last weekend the anticipation for the next generation of football titles is reaching a fever pitch.

New fifa additions

Of course, video games cannot rest on their laurels. Although sports title tend to rely on yearly tweaks to their titles that will only take them so far. Take for instance this year’s incarnation of PES, the only real competition to the Fifa series. Although they have added dynamic clothing to their footballers, which does help with the immersion, it isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel.

Fifa is introducing us to a new exciting mode this year: Fifa Volta. If you have seen any of the video footage of the “new” mode it may seem instantly familiar to you. The competition is the spiritual successor to Fifa’s popular Fifa street series.

Fifa street

The last Fifa street game was undeniably the best version, but that was way back in 2012. The mode took teams of 3 versus 3 and could be likened to NBA Jam. The focus was on over the top skill moves and spectacular goals. This arcade-like approach made it a popular title and was particularly suited to more casual gamers due to the fact you could just pick up and play the game. However, it was nowhere near as robust as its more traditional cousin. So it makes a lot of sense to add it as a game mode where it doesn’t have to be quite so robust.

Out with the old

Of course, some kind of marquee mode was probably required. Three incarnations ago EA decided to do something pretty unique in their series by introducing “the journey” this mixed beautifully a story with RPG elements into the sports franchise. This went down a storm as we all enjoyed following the career of the starlet Alex Hunter. However, that story concluded in the last title and so in some ways, Volta acts as a replacement of sorts.

We’re going through changes

It’s not just the new mode to look forward to either. Old modes are getting a revamp for the 2020 successor. In particular career mode has been given a revamp.

The face of the game

One of the biggest changes in this mode is the ability to be able to customise your managerial avatar. Gone are the days of having a representation of you that looks more like Harry Redknapp if he entered a gurning competition. Instead, you will be able to customise your player, with a depth not yet seen in the series. Want to be part of the game, now you will feel like you can. Players also retire and go into management at the end of their careers.

Transfer overhaul

Another change is the tweaks to the transfer system. For anyone who has played a game like Football Manager you will know how well this series handles transfers. It is safe to say that this is not the case with the FIFA series from the AI which is just bizarre to the fact that you can get players going to teams they would never even consider in real life. EA insists this has been completely overhauled and that it will be the most realistic simulation in the game’s history.

Will FIFA 2020 rock?

The Fifa series is generally well-received although last years offer came with a lot of criticism. EA has already detailed changes to the game mechanics and this is an area where it has received some criticism. It will be interesting to see if the changes will be enough to win over the franchises more weary fans.

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