The Versed Chooses Its Premier League Ultimate Team

The new football season is here. The new incarnation of FIFA and football manager are just around the corner. It is the time of the year that football fans worship. So with all that in mind let’s take a look at the best the premier league has to offer with the premier league’s “ultimate team”

Goal – Ederson

There are several goalkeepers in the premier league that could be referred to as a “new breed” of keeper. The modern goalkeeper isn’t just a commanding figure or a great shot-stopper, they are expected to act as an auxiliary sweeper and contribute to their teams counter-attacking with their distribution. Ederson exemplifies this.

Def – Cezar Azpilicueta

Just an absolute stalwart in the Chelsea backline. Azpi has been consistently solid for Chelsea since 2012. Great at the back and a good creative outlet going forward, he fits the role of a modern full-back to perfection and can do a decent job slotting into the centre too.

Def – Andrew Robertson

Liverpool’s defence was frankly immense last year built around Van Dijk, but the young full-backs were equally impressive. Obviously, Alexender-Arnold could have easily made the list, but we gave Robertson the nod.

Def – Virgil Van Dijk

Arguably, and if you say this to a United fan they will argue, the best defender in the world right now. The imposing Dutchman is immense in the air, a natural leader and reads the game so well he seldom has to make a tackle.

Def – Harry Maguire

Not only did he become an England hero thanks to his world cup exploits he also had a fine season in a Leicester City shirt. While the foxes didn’t exactly “tear it up” last season, Maguire was a stand-out performer and showed enough of what he was about to earn his record-breaking transfer to Manchester United.

Mid – Christian Erikson

Made this list ahead of the likes of Paul Pogba and that tells you all you need to know. The diminutive Spurs maestro is a consistent goalscorer and an assist machine. He has been more important to spurs over the years then Alli, Son, you could argue, even Kane! Spurs fans will be hoping the European transfer window shuts as soon as possible.

Mid – Raheem Sterling

The former Liverpool man took a while to settle at City but now he is their talisman. He has already kicked this season off banging in a hatty versus West Ham and you wouldn’t be surprised to see him near the top of the scoring charts come the end of the season. Let’s just hope he can perform some of his heroics in a three lions shirt.

Mid – Kevin De Bruyne

Such a vital figure in one of the world’s strongest midfields. KDB is the complete package. He is strong, quick, can pick a pass, can beat a man and can score goals. Oh, how Chelsea must regret giving up on him as he has transformed into one of this generations greatest talents.

Forward – Mo Salah

It is very hard to say anything about Mo Salah that hasn’t already been said. I mean you could point out that it is yet another talent that Chelsea let go! However, without dwelling on the past, Salah is one of the most feared forwards in the Premiership. The Egyptian centre seldom goes a game without a goal.

Forward – Harry Kane

A good old-fashioned English centre forward who has a canny knack of turning up in the right place at the right time. Like Shearer before him, he is far more than just a poacher and has shown his excellence for both club and for country.

Forward – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

The elephant in the room here, yes we have plumped with Auba over Aguero. And as far as we are concerned, Monsieur Aguero is basically royalty. However there is a strong sense that he will be sharing more of the limelight with Jesus this season, hence Auba with his lightning pace and fantastic goalscoring record getting the nod.

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