A Plane Full Of Passengers Got A Free Switch And Mario Maker 2


When you take a flight, particularly a domestic one, you usually expect to get a free drink and perhaps a snack or two, at most, but one airline in particular had bigger (and better) plans for its passengers. Southwest Airlines had other plans for one lucky group of passengers, however, as it provided everyone on a flight to San Diego Comic Con with a free Nintendo Switch system.

Southwest Flight 2246 was headed from Dallas to San Diego, where its passengers were gearing up to attend the massive San Diego Comic Con. Once seated, however, a Nintendo representative appeared and gave them a chance to play a custom Super Mario Maker 2 level called “Southwest Super Sky Challenge,” and those who played entered for a chance to win a $500 gift card for Southwest as well as a Switch with Super Mario Maker 2. In fact, everyone onboard Southwest Flight 2246 from Dallas to San Diego were surprised with a Nintendo-themed gaming flight, complete with the cabin crew wearing Mario-themed headgear.

What the passengers didn’t know was that everyone on the flight was getting the console. According to Fun animation social media manager Nicholas Friedman, it came as a huge surprise.

“When they announced the winner, we thought that was it,” Friedman said. “But the [Nintendo] representative then said, ‘You get a Switch! You get a Switch!’ over the intercom.”

This isn’t Nintendo’s first cross-promotion with Southwest. The airline also gave away Wii U consoles, and the original Super Mario Maker added a special airline-inspired course, complete with a special costume to unlock.

The Southwest promotion was well-timed. It came just as Nintendo made a flurry of other announcements regarding upcoming hardware and software. A revised Nintendo Switch with better battery life is coming in mid-August in the U.S., new Joy-Con colours were announced, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 got a holiday release date. Plus this is all coming shortly after the announcement of the portable-only Switch Lite.

With the launch of Super Mario Maker 2 earlier this year, players on Nintendo Switch have been letting their creativity flow into creating some of the most interesting levels they can think of. Of course, it’s always fun to jump into the game and take on levels that others have created, whether it’s something incredibly difficult or maybe just something for laughs. Either way, there is no shortage of levels for fans to enjoy. That said, one player has taken it upon themself to create a level based on the massively popular Avengers: Endgame, and it’s rather impressive.

Reddit user “KingBooDude” took their creation to the Marvel Studios subreddit recently to share it with other fans. As can be seen in the post below, there are even drawings that go along with the level that give players an idea of which parts of the film the level takes its inspiration from. According to them, they had to re-upload the level “due to an oversight.” However, they’ve brought it back with the new drawings that can be seen. “Turn on comments when you start the level,” they said. “The first part of the level is the Avengers theme song, and the second part is the time heist plot of the movie.”


(UPDATE) I made an Avengers: Endgame level in Super Mario Maker 2 with music, drawings, and references! from r/marvelstudios

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