Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer Reveal


A Modern Warfare multiplayer reveal was first announced to drop August 1st, and of course, Activision didn’t disappoint. Infinity Ward will show off the game via livestream on its Twitch channel, There, you can expect to see more of Gunfight and get details about any other modes Modern Warfare is adding to the usual Call of Duty multiplayer suite.

Infinity Ward first revealed that cross play was coming to Call of Duty when it announced that the game would be a reboot of 2007’s Modern Warfare, but featuring a whole new story. It’ll allow players on all Call of Duty platforms to play with and against each other in multiplayer matches–so regardless of whether you buy the game on PC, Xbox One, or PS4, you’ll have the full CoD community available for multiplayer matches. Infinity Ward also announced it’s doing away with the season pass structure for downloadable content with Modern Warfare, so all post-release multiplayer maps will be free to all players.

In the last few years, Call of Duty has made headlines less for historical accuracy and more for things like space warfare, a trend-chasing battle royale mode, and Nazi zombies.

2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is moving away from all of that, with developer Infinity Ward stripping everything down to create a fresh experience that the studio says is “authentic and gritty.” And while “fresh” might not be what comes to mind when you’re talking about a game that shares a name with a 2007 entry in the same series, this year’s Call of Duty is only part reboot. It will have some familiar faces and tap into the nostalgia that gamers feel about the Modern Warfare sub-series, but as design director Geoff Smith said during an event in Los Angeles, it’s also allegedly more about “trying to get away from the perception of what Call of Duty is.”

Before letting influencers and the media get first hands on Modern Warfare’s new and improved multiplayer prior to it’s anticipated release, Infinity Ward creative director Pat Kelly led a presentation about Call of Duty’s “dogma,” or its guiding principles. Pat Kelly noted that, “gameplay is king.” He also stressed the “authentic and gritty” experience Modern Warfare is aiming for, stating that its soldiers are “ripped from the headlines” rather than being “superheroes.”

Kelly also stated that the studio wanted Modern Warfare to be “the ultimate multiplayer playground.” The forming foundation that will no doubt bring players from different platforms together like no other Call of Duty has ever before, thanks to console and PC cross-play and to getting rid of the series’ season pass — making all additional maps and downloadable content free is just another way to level that playing field. “We’ve heard you,” Kelly said of the decision to ditch the usual DLC structure.

Smith also took the time to note that the challenge the developers were faced with a new essence to the game – one that was making Call of Duty feel fresh again while keeping its DNA and “roots” intact for it’s long-term players. As a result, for Modern Warfare 2019, everything has been stripped down and rebuilt.

“Those maps represent a very visceral, design-focused experience,” Infinity Ward’s Joel Emslie told Polygon in an interview. Because Gunfight uses random, predetermined load outs for each round, players are able to “experience a fully levelled up game in this tight compressed space,” he said. It’s also a good place to cut your teeth, since you’ll get to try out a slew of different weapon combos, and it’s easy to jump in and out without much fuss.

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