The Versed Examines New Star Wars Trailer

If you are a competitive gaming fan then there is more than a small chance that you are going to be a bit of a power nerd. Aren’t we all, and even if you are not, everybody loves Star Wars don’t they? To quote Marshall from How I Met Your Mother: the only people who haven’t seen Star Wars are the people who were in it. And they lived it. They lived the Star Wars!

So when the new trailer dropped for the conclusion to what has been dubbed the “Skywalker saga” the internet went mental over it. Now the dust has had time to settle let’s take a look at the new Star Wars trailer and what information we could glean from it.

Trip to the past

The trailer starts with a look back over what has passed, with scenes from all the movies that have come before it. These clips play out mostly in the order of release and focus purely on the three trilogies. This is a nice nostalgia piece for any Star Wars nerd but not what is going to get us excited.

The gang reunites

One of the bugbears from the last movie in the series is how Poe, Rey and Finn were all separated from one another. It is rumoured that is set to be rectified in the upcoming movie and the opening scene lends credence to that featuring a group shot of the gang alongside chewie and C3P0 looking out over a vast dessert-looking world inhabited by small bipeds who look a bit like Jawas or Ewoks but are probably neither.

Classic star wars space battle

The video then cuts to Leia who, from all the reports, is a fairly central figure to the movie. The reports are that if the first sequel was Han Solo’s movie and the second Luke’s, that the third could definitely be classed as Leia’s. The action then turns to an impressive fleet of Rebel ships that is instantly overshadowed by an insane amount of Imperial star destroyers. Then cut to a shot of Finn with one of the new characters.

Old habits die hard

The scene then cuts to a laser beam cutting through the surface of a planet. This hints that (groan) there may be another death star. Although there are whisperings that on this occasion there might be multiple space stations spreading misery across the galaxy.


We then see a solo shot of Rey using a sabre throw, which, in case you didn’t know, is a pretty impressive move for a trainee Jedi to master. And then her nemesis Kylo Ren is shown leaving either a parked, or possibly crashed Tie fighter. The pair are then shown battling in an epic wave-soaked environment which has the feel of an aquatic take on the battle between Ani and Obi-Wan on Mustafar.

Same Star Wars, new twists

Perhaps the biggest shock moment is when a voice that sounds like Emperor Palpatine announces “here’s its end”. And a noise that sounds like Vader’s mask is heard. The scene cuts to Rey wielding a very cool, but very Sith-like lightsabre. Does she turn? The Star Wars fanbase gasps collectively! The music has a similar sound to the imperial march and certainly hints that maybe Rey falls to the dark side. There have been hints to this throughout the sequels of course. Some early fan theories were that Rey was the daughter of the emperor himself.

Just when we think we have the answers…Star Wars changes the questions.

The new trailer doesn’t reveal very much. Sometimes trailers give away plots. Unfortunately, I fear the Rey scene is going to be a red herring. Surely they wouldn’t have ruined the film’s potential “you’re not my father” moment in a trailer? Actually, that does sound plausible. Either way, roll on December.

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