Should Mario Kart Be An eSport

We here at the Versed have come to the conclusion that Mario Kart really should be an eSport. For us that game has all the ingredients and also anything that puts Nintendo firmly in the spotlight should be applauded. But if you don’t instantly agree with us. Here are the reasons why.

It is a multiplayer game

This in itself means that it is open to be used as an eSport. In order to have a successful tournament at very least a game must have an element whereby the various contestants can compete against one another. In Mario Kart with the number of contestants you can have it would seem that, at least in this respect, it is the perfect eSport.

Mario Kart has built-in tournaments

It’s not like Nintendo would have to add additional functionality to their title. The game modes that come included seem like they are made for competitive gamers. There is no having to fudge something. Just get the worlds best gamers into a Grand Prix and watch the action unfold.

There is an element of strategy in Mario Kart

Of course, holding on to that red shell for the opportune moment is what Mario Kart players all live for. But the strategy is deeper than that. Different drivers have different advantages and they are all finely balanced. This means that a player controlling Luigi might have a different strategy to Bowser players.

Different modes means variety

It isn’t just the standard races that could be made competitive. Nintendo Switch owned will know that the battle mode is equally as fun as just pure racing modes.

It’s accessible

The great thing about it is its simplicity. Sure there will be players who naturally pick up the drift system and so rise to the top of the rankings. But it would have that element where any old player could dedicate their time and become a strong player. Who doesn’t love a good Cinderella story?

It’s fun to watch

It isn’t enough to be a game that’s just fun to play. It also has to be good for spectators. I know what you’re thinking, Tetris is an eSport and that isn’t exciting to watch – well hold onto that thought and go check out clips from the Tetris championship. You will never have experienced drama like it! As it happens, Mario Kart is great fun to watch and would really whip spectators into a frenzy.

Possible reasons why it isn’t yet…

The lack of a team element in Mario Kart

Okay so most Battle Royale games are about individuals, but there is no doubt that team sports stand atop the eSport mountain. You only have to take a look at the likes of League of Legends to see that. Maybe if Mario Kart introduced some kind of relay event. Or a team deathmatch! Who wouldn’t be up for that?

Random weapons change matches

This is a double-edged sword. You could argue, and I would agree, that the weapons are what lend Mario Kart a lot of its charm. However purists would say that it brings too much of a luck element to proceedings. However isn’t that the case in sports? How many times do we see the pitch play a role in cricket? Or player falling foul to the weather. Life is random and it makes sports more fun.

Too cute for its own good?

Let’s be honest here. It is a cute game, isn’t it? Perhaps the fact that it doesn’t have ultra-realistic graphics cheapens it in the eyes of some gamers. Well, to those gamers we say nay. It is awesome. Deal with it.

Nintendo has Smash Bros

Perhaps the reason that they are yet to pull the trigger and commit to making Mario Kart an eSport is the fact that they already have Smash Bros. Who knows, perhaps they don’t want to split their focus. Either way, we all think that the should. This needs to happen.

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