Old School Games We Would Love To See As eSports

Although in some form or another eSports has been around for literally decades. In fact, you could make an argument that it has been in existence for more than 40 years. It is hard to argue that the past 5-10 years hasn’t seen a real boom in popularity. That being said there are slews of games that missed the eSports revolution that would have been rather good in the role. Here is just a few that we would love to see revived with a competitive slant.


This awesome old school shooter may have faded from the memories of younger gamers, but 30-somethings will remember it as one of the earlier games released on the fledgeling Playstation 2. Like Goldeneye before it, it featured an awesome four-player split-screen mode. Of course, this was prior to the days of serious online play so a multitap was required. (remember them?)

Brian Lara Cricket

Firstly let’s get this straight. Sports games always make good esports. They just do. You could argue that cricket might be the exception. But Brian Lara was one hell of a game. There was something so satisfying about dancing down the wicket at Shane Warne and blasting his leg-spin out of the ground. Likewise knocking over Justin Langer with a Darren Gough snorter. Good times.


Speed isn’t everything. Just ask my ex-girlfriend. However when it comes to breakneck pace and a game so speedy that you needed Kryptonian reflexes just to comprehend they don’t come more challenging than the futuristic racer. The only frustrating thing is that we are in the future and not driving cars like this. I feel lied to.

SSX tricky

The game was pretty tricky. It benefitted massively from an amazing soundtrack, including the Run DMC classic. In a lot of ways it was similar to a Tony Hawks title, only with way more white stuff!

Battleships (C64)

For those of you not lucky enough to have grown up with the internet you may well have had something along the lines of a Spectrum or even if you were really unlucky a Commodore 64. The C64 had a lot in common with modern consoles, from terrible graphics to 2 hour load times. The games were mostly awful. Although this take on the classic board game was surprisingly addictive and the versus mode made it ideal for eSports. The organisers might need to set up a couple of hours in advance though, and hope the tape deck doesn’t chew up their game.

Smackdown 2

There have been many wrestling games and some might argue that the game hit its peak with Here Comes The Pain. However, Smackdown two was a game-changer. Title changes in exhibition matches affected the champions in story mode. This was game-changing stuff! So many nights were spent playing for those damn title belts. Okay this is mainly here for nostalgia, but wrestling games are surely great candidates for being an eSport.

Micro Machines

Micromachines was a bit like Mario Kart. The game was famed for its quirky tracks made of household objects, in it you had to be prepared to drive your quirky, oversteering cars along the likes of pool tables, chopping boards and all manner of other surfaces. Fun times.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater

You could debate all day about the best Tony Hawks title, but there is no debate about how good the series was in its pomp. Chaining combos with grinding, performing ridiculous, gravity-defying stunts. It was just good fun and trying to outdo another person’s score would make for one hell of a tournament.


For many, this is the game that sold them on the N64. The built-in four-player capability had everyone scrambling to buy extra controllers and it was worth it for this title alone! It really was Golden.

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