You Won’t Believe These Insane Pokémon Challenges

If like me you are a Pokemon fan you will all be terribly excited by the upcoming Sword and Shield game. While that game looks set to give us the Pokemon game that the Switch truly deserves (although there is a bunch of us hoping for an MMORPG!) It is worth noting that there is a lot to be said for the classic games that have come before.

Old school

There is no debate that Pokemon has a legacy of bringing us fine games. From the very first games on the Gameboy that brought the cute pocket-sized monsters into our lives, to the amazing games on the DS. It is a franchise that has so much replayability and evokes nostalgia in a wealth of gamers.


Although the games are addictive and fun, they have never posed too much of a challenge. Sure a small amount of grinding has been required in the odd title, but it is mostly the case that if you pick a balanced team and match up the right types of pokemon that you should beat the game without too much difficulty.

However, one YouTuber has decided to ramp up the difficulty. Not content with playing through the games as intended with a team of six, varied Pokemon, they have set themselves a range of varied and intriguing challenges. Let’s take a look at some of the mad challenges that he has undertaken.

Beating Fire Red with only a Magicarp

For any of you that have played the Pokemon franchise, you will know that Magicarp is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. The water-type Pokemon starts off with just the move “splash” here is the kicker, that move does absolutely no damage! The only reason the challenge is potentially possible is the fact that when Magicarp has used up all of his splash moves he then resorts to spamming the move struggle. This move does damage the enemy but damages Magicarp too. So as you can probably imagine the whole challenge is a war of attrition.

Beating Pokemon platinum with a single Pikachu

Most people who love Pokemon love Pikachu. He isn’t the weakest Pokemon in the world, but he does have the unfortunate affliction of being utterly useless against rock-type Pokemon. As with any challenge involving just one type of Pokemon, this one takes a hell of a lot of grinding. I wouldn’t want to do it.

Beating Pokemon blue with a single Rattata

If you have ever used a Rattata you will know that they aren’t exactly a versatile Pokemon. Sure they look cool, but nobody ever keeps them in their party. Imagine completing the game with one, and only one. Yep, that is what Mah-Dry-Bread attempted. These challenges literally take days to complete, if he even manages to complete them and you have to call into the question the why!

Possible reasons why he does this to himself

I mean the most obvious one is that he is a crazy person. However, if you watch his videos his strategies are well thought out and use rationality which negates that idea. Another possible reason is that he is a sadist. Some people are so enamoured with the idea of pain that they induce it on themselves. Maybe he just enjoys putting himself through it. What is the other alternative? It doesn’t appear to be for views as his most-watched video doesn’t even hit the million mark.

Are the videos worth watching?

Whatever his motivation, he is a decent YouTuber. He is entertaining enough and his videos are unique enough to make them stand out from the pack. Especially if you are a huge fan of Pokemon.


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