Games That Flopped On Release

We recently ran an article where we talked about how big a let down the most recent incarnation of the Gears of War franchise has been. It is not without company on a list of games that we all had huge hopes for that failed deliver. Here are some of gaming’s biggest misfires.

Gears of War 5

As we mentioned in the introduction, many of us are really disappointed with this, the most recent entry in the storied Gears franchise. It’s such a shame as well as it ticks so many boxes. Familiar and popular characters return. New features have been added and the game has been given all the hype it could ever want. Unfortunately, the result is a glitchy game that kicks you out of multiplayer mode and whose campaign is so bug-filled it’s hard to play, let alone complete. And in the worst way possible.

Sim City

This game was highly anticipated and unfortunately flattered to deceive. Fans were sceptical about the group dynamics and furious about the map sizes. I was one of a handful who actually thought it was hugely entertaining. But it was critically panned and even a creative future mod and the addition of funfairs couldn’t save the title. The real shame of it is that we will probably never see another Sim City now.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

This was supposed to be Bioware’s Annie Hall. Its seminal work with the worlds biggest IP. All the stars had aligned and it was meant to be the game that finally took down World of Warcraft. The title that would come to define future MMORPGs. It would transpire that it was nothing more than a Star Wars skinned WOW-clone, albeit with a lot of voice acting. However that was not the only issue with the title. That alone probably wouldn’t warrant its position on this list. Once again the game was well and truly gimped by server issues. What this meant is that even if you were one of the lucky few who got to log on during that first day you were treated to an utter lag fest with trash anti-aliasing. In some ways the game never recovered.



It might be controversial to include a FIFA title on the list. Some Fifa fans will loyally and fiercely defend their favourite yearly upgrade. That is the problem with this title. It wasn’t particularly bad, it just didn’t really seem to be any different from its predecessor. I mean sure, the kits were new and the players transferred to their new teams, but there was no real new ground broken. EA may be renowned for their incremental changes but when they fail to make any notable new ones and seem to take a few steps back even the most ardent fans will protest that there need to be more new features.

Xbox One!

Let me preface this by saying that I would always plump for the Xbox over the PlayStation. While I have at points owned consoles from both companies I’m now a pretty loyal Xbox man. However, Microsoft tested that loyalty to almost breaking point with their disastrous launch of the Xbox one console. Being a working man I decided to something I’d never done before and buy a console on launch day. I instantly regretted it. I booked the day off work and spent the majority of it installing lengthy game updates just so I could play anything. The fact that I had to wait several hours to play anything was a throwback to being a C64 player. Fortunately the console bounced back and is now one of the best money can buy.

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