How To Get The Girl And Win The Game

If you are an Xbox gamer then you may know as part of your profile that you have a motto. When people click on your profile they get to see the pithy profile. Mine used to read “my gamerscore and phone number are the same”


Of course, a six-digit (or eleven if including the dialling code) is an impressive score for a gamer tag. You would have to have a pretty sad life with a ridiculous amount of free time to achieve such a feat. But for anyone who had sunk that level of effort into gaming will tell you it is more tricky to secure the six-digit number of a partner. And even if you are a gamer and do snag a girl or guy – how do you go about keeping them? We are here to answer that 64 thousand dollar question.

Book gaming time and date nights

Some element of compromise is going to be needed here. You can’t carry on gaming 7 days a week. If you want to keep them, and indeed keep them happy you need to give them some of your time. Here is where it pays to be organised. Scheduling time to play your games may actually be beneficial and free up time to do other optional chores, like showering and brushing your hair.

Get a second interest

Unless you are very lucky you are not going to find someone who talks about gaming all the time. That’s not to say that you cant talk about your hobby. But having something else going on in your life is vital. You don’t want to be that guy who only talks about his K/D on Call of Duty. Frankly, that guy is a nerd, and probably single.

Be up for stuff

And I am probably as guilty of this as the next man. If your significant other asks you to go shopping with them, why not do it? if they offer a romantic walk, take them up on it. A relationship is like a flower, if you don’t water it, it will die. And just to make that metaphor clear: if you’re not nice to this one she will dump you boring ass.

Get them into a game

Now I’m trying hard not to pigeonhole all hardcore games here. Yes, I’m fully aware that girls game too. However, if we put our hands on our hearts I think we have to concede that there are probably far more guys who game. If a girl is into gaming there is a good chance that she isn’t going to like that niche Japanese strategy game with Botswanaian subtitles. You can game together but you need to find something she can get into.

Save the hardcore games for when she’s asleep

We all like a good online session. There is something incredibly immersive about throwing on a headset and trash-talking you noob mates. The only issue with gaming in this manner is that it is very concentration intensive. During such a session you are highly unlikely to be able to or want to discuss what the Kardashians are up to. And everyone deserves to have that conversation in their life. So keep them company. Wait until they are off to bed and then crack out the headset. Just be sure to down.

Live in the real world.

Of course, this is the last resort. But actually, as fun as video games are they are a poor substitute for human contact and intimacy. When you have found someone who is able to tolerate you why not embrace that? If their only crime is wanting to be in your company, well there are people who would love to have that. And if you don’t embrace it, perhaps they will find another that does.

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