Man City and FaZe Combine

Gamers everywhere will be familiar with FaZe clan. They are arguably the worlds most famous gaming team. The North American outfit have made the news recently with an audacious arrangement that sees them partner up with the current English Premiership champions, Manchester City.

It has been reported that the deal was struck up so that the companies could, “create new experiences for their fans and bring them together in unprecedented ways.” What exactly that means is unclear. Although it is another sure-fire indicator as to the importance and prestige of eSports in the modern world.

Only just begun

The partnership, though announced, will not be in full swing until next week. To commemorate the coming together City will wear a special jacket with their own emblem plus the logo for their new partners, the FaZe clan before they take on Wolverhampton Wanderers.

In their official press release CEO of FaZe clan, Lee Trink, CEO of Faze Clan had this to say about the deal, “This alliance with Manchester City creates a powerful opportunity to join our collective fan base and cultures on and off the field. FaZe Clan will continue to push the boundaries of gaming and eSports by engaging our fans with experiences that are meaningful, memorable and surprising.”

New Horizons

It is not just about playing lip service to one another either. Although the merger makes a lot of sense, purely because both organisations appear to be right at the top of their game. There are other benefits. Both outfits will be sharing a training facility created by a member of the FaZe clan and noted FIFA player shellzz. There will also be swathes of limited edition co-branded merchandise available.

The chief marketing officer, Nuria Tarre also chipped In  “Esports is the world’s fastest-growing spectator sport and this collaboration with FaZe Clan marks the start of an exciting new chapter in Manchester City’s esports journey. We recognize that fans want to celebrate their love for football across many aspects of their lives, including fashion, music and gaming, to create a culture that goes beyond what happens on the pitch. We are looking forward to working with FaZe Clan to provide our fans with new and immersive ways to engage with the Club.”

Other ventures in gaming

This is not the first time that Manchester’s biggest side (sorry United, but we all know is it) have entered into a partnership with a company that deals in video games. In August last year, they joined forces with Turtle Beach. The guys famous for their epic gaming headsets and previous to that they penned a deal with Epsilon eSports.

eSports IInsider had this to say: “We’ve seen quite a bit of crossover between leaders in eSports and traditional sports before so this doesn’t come as a huge surprise, though it’s still a cool development. Not only does it help City engage younger fans but it exposes FaZe Clan to a huge audience that may well become fans once they understand what the organisation does.”

Great move

We here at the verses applaud the move. As we detailed before eSports doesn’t seem to have the appeal in the UK that it carries globally. Perhaps by dealing with such a prominent sports side, the FaZe clan can bring eSports to the mainstream here in old blighty. It seems especially shrewd given that the majority of football fans like to play video games, especially titles such as Fifa and the amazing Football manager series.

It will be interesting to see if going forward there are more deals of this ilk. Liverpool are coming off the back of a recent sponsorship deal with Nike. As one of Cities primary competitors for the title, it will be interesting to see if they take a similar pathway going forward.

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