Meet The New Slicker and Cleaner Twitch Layout


Arguably one of the most popular streaming platforms to ever exist, Twitch has officially been given a  brand new (and modern!) redesign that fine-tunes the look of the site, and introduces a new layout with the broad aim being to “elevate every single person on Twitch”. Popular streaming service Twitch has been in operation for nearly 10 years, and it finally received an updated look. It’s slick, clean, and even comes with a new font for better readability and an overall design overhaul. It’s been a long time coming, but the new Twitch layout is here, and fans and streamers alike will be pleased to know that it’s better than the site has ever looked before.

This includes a new logo and font (‘Roobert’ – inspired by the Moog synthesiser logotype, so it’s quirky, but with a modern feel) for the site, and a fresh colour palette. The classic Twitch logo got an overall redesign, though to look at it, you might not realise much has changed. The font is a bit different though. The logo is now one of the only places you’ll see much of Twitch’s iconic purple. The purple in the logo is a bit brighter now though, and showcased far better in the new logo than ever before, nearly neon this time around. It looks great, and is a good complement to the site layout.

The Twitch website also got a new update, which saw the team revamping the look of the website, while not changing any of the core features.

The main page still has the usual set-up: recommended live channels and categories, with a handful of featured streams autoplaying at the top. However, now you can flip through them easily to see if anyone in particular suits your fancy. There’s also less of the iconic Twitch purple, which is now only used in the logo and in some links. The purple itself has been made a bit brighter.

Twitch streamers will also be able to use a Creator Colour tool to set a specific colour of their choice to accent their brand. These colour changes will show alongside subscriptions or bits in the chat, as well as bordered around your channel thumbnail. The Creator Colour tool lets you pick what the accent colour on your profile is

The website isn’t much different from what it was before — followed channels are on the left, Twitch chat is on the right. The ever-so-slight change in layout just helps clean the website up, while also making it more accessible and customisable.

According to the company, the huge redesign will mean that the site is less text-heavy overall, and the site layout has been overhauled in various ways so it looks cleaner and more modern. The front page of the site looks much slicker, and other major moves include making the video player edge-to-edge to put content creators ‘front and centre’, with chat being made more user-friendly (although Twitch hasn’t messed with the emotes system).

We can expect more changes in the pipeline, too. In a blog post introducing the redesign, the company explained: “This is the first of many steps we’re taking with our new shared understanding of what Twitch’s brand and product experience should be.”

Overall, the new look for Twitch is meant to help the service keep up with the times and offer additional tools to help those who use it regularly customise it to their liking. Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same Twitch you know and love from over the years. Your subscriptions and followed channels remain on the left side of the page, and the streams on the right. There’s still plenty of different creators to follow, and the entire site structure works in the same way.

The redesign came just days ahead of TwitchCon which kicked off in San Diego for 3 days.

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