What Kisses On The End Of A Message Mean

I’m not sure if this is an international experience or just something that we do over here in old blighty, but in the UK we love to put a kiss at the end of a text message. Do they do that elsewhere? I don’t know. But putting an “x” at the end of a message means a kiss. So when your gamer girl/guy sends you 18 little crosses, what exactly does that mean? Here is a simple guide to kisses.

No kiss

This can mean one of three things. The first is that the person sending it is so devoid of emotion or so frightened of their fragile male ego that they can’t bring themselves to put a (let’s be honest here) very effeminate kiss. The second is that they are furious with you. Zero kisses is a classic passive-aggressive ploy. The third option is that they aren’t from Britain and are confused why you keep ending your messages signing off as if you were an oxo cube.


The classic single kiss. Mainly used on strangers or people you don’t really know. This kiss is your way of telling the world that you are not an ass. If your long-term partner dishes this out, beware. She is probably going to dump you or something. Or possibly she is just in a hurry.


Many a guy will get two kisses from a girl and believe that they are into him. Trust me they are far from into you. That girl probably sends about 8 to her best friend and double that to her sister. This is standard fare if you know someone but aren’t in love with them.


Heading into unfamiliar territory here. Three kisses suggest that the other person might like you. If you put three and they respond with three you have entered into a little game. It means they are definitely feeling you out.


This is the promised land. Four kisses mean it is on until the break of dawn. Anything in advance of this just means they love you more. Beware if your other half is dropping this many kisses to another guy or girl you might want to find a new partner!


This does not mean that you are calling somebody an ox. Okay, so there is a slight chance you might be, but mostly this means a hug and a kiss. Some people chain these together like this “oxoxox” but oddly they never seem to go “ooooxxxxx” which I find quite odd. Hugs and kisses are usually the territory occupied by parents with their kids. It is sweet and sappy. Naaww.


If you are in a long term relationship you may have broken the three kiss boundary. When you have been with someone a while it is not uncommon to chain together about 23 kisses. Yes, it is a bit cloy, but who doesn’t love seeing their significant other go to all that care to send a bunch of kisses? However, some people are exceptionally busy and when that’s the case the x’s sometimes accidentally get replaced with c’s. Largely because they are next to each other on the keyboard. So roughly translated this means that your other half loves you but they have got stuff to do.


A single C might be the worst “kiss” that you can receive. Firstly it means they don’t really like you and they are just being polite, but it also kind of means that they didn’t even care enough about you to give their message a quick read to make sure that it was spelt correctly. The versed apologises if you have got a message like this today. c

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