Gamer Focus: Who Is Wilbur Soot?

As you may well know we have a long-running series of article profiling some of the best YouTubers. Most of these guys and girls will post gaming content. This is something that Wilbur Soot does, but he is so much more than that. Let’s take a look.

He was born in the UK on September 96. Not a great deal is known about his childhood as he rarely talks about himself in that way. What little info he does post about himself is usually humorous and can only really be taken with a pinch of salt. For instance, it is unclear whether or not he does have the ability to climax sexually (yes that literally appears on his wiki-bio!) We are not even sure of his height, although it is speculated he is about five foot seven, not that this is particularly interesting!

Why is he famous?

Well, primarily for being a member of the eponymous Youtube channel Soothouse. Soothouse does have some gaming content. However, this is probably not what it is most famous for. It is an amusing channel. Wilbur’s sense of humour is not for everyone but if you like his schtick you will fall in love with his channel. It is filled with irony.

He and his mates share a similar sense of humour and you really get the impression that they love what they do. That shines through in their videos which are filled with the crew laughing at their own content. Don’t get me wrong, Wilbur can and does do some pretty decent dead-pan comedy, but here are a bunch of video makers that do find their own content funny and do laugh at their own jokes and in some ways that is what makes their videos so watchable. You feel like you are part of their crew, laughing at their unique humour.

Roaring success.

Although the channel is in its relevant infancy it has gained a massive following. It quickly surpassed the 1 million subs mark and regularly posts videos that get more than a million views. At their best they sometimes get up to around the five million mark, which I’m sure you will agree is pretty impressive. The videos often make fun of pop culture and deal with the real world. They look at memes, fails, life hacks, you know the sort of things that are part and parcel of your average 20-somethings life in the modern world. It also helps that Wilbur is a good-looking dude. As a straight guy, I may not be the best judge, but he is, right ladies?

Music man

It isn’t just his comedy that keeps the viewers coming back for more. He also has a channel dedicated to his music. These clips are also very well received. Much in the way that comedians such as Bo Burnhams and Stephen Lynch have managed to do in the past. Soot has a great ear for musical comedy. His classics to this point include: Karen Please Come Back, I Miss The Kids. The “touching” story of a husband who just wants to spend time with his little ones. To The Nice Guy Ballad that begins like an anthem to the guy who always finishes last and ends portraying the narrative voice as being a raging stalker, all delivered with a stoic deadpan, crazed stare which adds to the hilarity.


Soot is a supremely talented young man and he has struck a chord (pardon the pun) with his core audience which should see him making videos for some time. We certainly hope so as he does bring a smile to our faces and his comedy hits all the right notes (yes that pun was on purpose too).

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