West Ham Latest Club To Sign eSports Partnership

If you follow our site (and why wouldn’t you?) you will know that Premier League champions recently signed a deal with eSports company FaZe. We ran a story detailing that and suggested it wouldn’t be long before other clubs went down that pathway and it would appear we were on the money.

Stylish London club, West Ham United are the latest Premier League outfit to go down that route. The Eastend outfit recently announced on their website a two-year deal with eSports group Bundled. Apparently, the deal is effective as of the current season. It isn’t quite as high profile as the deal between FaZe and Man City. But as a West Ham fan myself (yep, I’m their supporter!) it is great to see this partnership.

New signings

While the FaZe deal saw an eSports team get into bed with a football team (so to speak). West Ham actually have their own eSports team. On the back of this deal, they welcomed two new prestigious talents to their ranks. The team competes in the FIFA tournament. The new players are quality additions. Joining existing player Jamie ‘Jamboo’ Rigden is Yago and Jas who will now don the club’s iconic claret and blue colours.

The deal is important for the clubs eSports aspirations. The new signings are certainly no mugs and are seasoned vets when it comes to EA sports beautiful representation of the game. ‘Yago’ Gabriel Fawaz hails from Argentina and has played competitively globally for Atlético Independiente. His new teammate ‘Jas’ Singh is a veteran of last year’s Chelsea side that did so well in reaching the ePremier League semi-finals.


If you are wondering who Bundled are, they are quite a big player in the world of eSport. They provide many services including organising events for gamers as well as creating digital content. It doesn’t stop there either. They also take part in developing future eSports player by offering services like coaching and management. Finally, they act as a talent agency. It is for that reason they were able to negotiate the deal to bring Jas and Yago to the club, the players being just two of the thirty that the organisation represents.

When it comes to football clubs being affiliated with eSports, West Ham United are somewhat a pioneer in the area. They were the first premier league club to take a step into the market by signing Sean ‘Dragonn’ Allen back in 2016. This recent move reinforces their commitment to eSports and shows how progressive the side is in general. It’s just a shame that they are not faring so well on the pitch at the moment.

In the game

With FIFA2020 proving a commercial hit, despite mixed critical reviews, it is an exciting time for both West Ham and the FIFA eSport. This partnership is hopefully a continuing sign that the symbiotic relationship between the sport and its electronic counterpart will continue to flourish.

The clubs press team were effusive in their praise of the deal, with commercial director, Karim Virani, stating. “The Club has always been proactive and one of the pioneers in the eSports arena, and this partnership is another step on our journey.

“Bundled is a forward-thinking, dynamic company who are passionate about the eSports space. And will help us to continue to grow and be one of the leading Premier League clubs going into this FIFA season and beyond.”

Bundled were, excited too. With their managing director, Melvyn Wolthers, adding: “West Ham is a very well-known club worldwide with a fantastic fanbase. To have been given this opportunity is very special. We are looking forward to two exciting years and, some special moments with the club and its fans.”

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