Fashion Tips For Sweaty Gamers

Let’s be honest for just a second, being fashionable and gaming aren’t exactly two things you would naturally put together. In fact, the term fashionable gamer could be considered somewhat an oxymoron. Even though the uniforms for eSports players tend to be inoffensive polo tops, your average gamer still tends to look like a social outcast. But geek chic is very much a thing and the good news is that even gamers get to look good these days. Here are our recommendations.

Superhero tee

A must have fashion item for any gamer. If you want to be a true nerd you must pick a side as well. It’s not good owning Marvel and DC tops, that just shows a total lack of brand loyalty. We recommend shirts with a large, centralised emblem. Sheldon Cooper from the big bang theory nails this with his Flash and Green Lantern tops (note the DC loyalty!) Like Sheldon you can wear a long-sleeved top underneath to complete the look.

Weird animal hat with a steampunk twist.

Hats are a scary proposition. Most gamers will throw on a backwards baseball cap for that classic 90s US hipster look, think Jason Lee in Chasing Amy! These days you can get far more adventurous with what you use to cover your barnet. There are woolly hats with long flowing ears which can double up as a scarf. These are perfect for the colder winter months when you have to replenish your stock of Dr Pepper from the local shop. Adding a pair of retro-looking goggles atop the hat makes it so geeky you can give someone a nerdgasm from 100 yards.

Jogging bottoms

Somewhere along the line it became fashionable to wear these. Often referred to as s***catchers by our northernmost citizens due to the elasticated ankle holes. The idea is if you had a little accident they would cleverly hold the poop in place. Of course this is not why they were designed, nor should they be used this way. I have to add that jogging bottoms seem like a bad name for them too as they are seldom used for running! It’s just a happy coincidence that one of the worlds most comfortable items of clothing became trendy. Why not embrace your inner vScO girl and take advantage?


Yes these are so very 1990 and not exactly in fashion but they are worth bringing back and if anybody is going to accomplish that it’s the gamers. Not only did these tend to be really rather comfortable they have the bonus of having about 27 pockets. This means you can keep a spare controller in one pocket and a bag of flamin’ hot monster munch in the other. Can you really ask for more?

Big slippers

Okay so these are not so great for leaving the house. Having said that some of the sliders that ladies where may as well be slippers! But when lounging around having a mammoth gaming session, these are the cat’s pyjamas! You could also pair them up with some cat pyjamas if you wish! We highly recommend the large novelty ones. Not only are they toasty but they will complement your animal hat giving you the full crazy person effect.

Dressing gown

Everyone should own one. You could wear it to the shop! After all, it was good enough for Arthur Dent. Just don’t forget your towel.

Denim jacket with a hoody

They say denim on denim is a fashion no-no but we say nay. A hoody underneath a denim jacket is a great look. It is not only stylish but comfortable and warm. So it’s winning on three fronts.

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