Great Free VR Games

There is little doubt that Virtual Reality is the future, if not the present of gaming. The issue is while the hardware is certainly there the software to accompany it isn’t always what you might hope for. Of course, there are some premium games available but even the simple, yet addictive VR smashes like Beat Sabre can cost a pretty penny. Fear not here is a collection of freebie games for your VR that are actually really rather great.

The Lab

The Lab acts more like a tech demo for VR than a game in its own right but is arguably the software that helps the hardware show what it can do best. Being developed by Valve itself it works terrifically with the Valve’s own hardware. It takes full advantage of the finger tracking ability which means individual finger gestures can be seen in the game. Yes this does mean that absolutely everyone flips the bird as soon as they start playing. We are but human clowns after all!


If ever you wanted a Minecraft like experience but in virtual reality, this is the game for you. It is arguably the ultimate sandbox game for Virtual Reality. It starts off pretty sedate with you chipping away at bricks, but before you know it you will be upgrading your equipment and mining all kinds of useful items. It’s simple but also crazy addictive. Definitely worth a download if you have a lot of time to kill.

Walk of The Wizard

This Sandbox game has way more depth then you initially might think. The cute graphics and simple interface belie what lies beneath. For a free game, this can become a real-time sink that could see you whittle away many an hour. The premise is pretty simple, you make up potions by mixing together ingredients. Being as it is VR you can, of course, choose to randomly chuck stuff around the room. (Don’t worry we all do this!) The spells are all kinds of cool and allow you to do all sorts of wizardly things like change objects into butterflies. (Although I hate butterflies, I think I’m in a minority!)

Rec Room

This is less a traditional game and more like a virtual social media app. In Rec Room you create an online avatar and essentially live in an online world. Through Rec Room you can all sorts of fun stuff to level up and collect currency to upgrade the way that your character looks. This isn’t one for the hardcore gamers, however, if you get a good group of online friends it can become incredibly addictive. You have been warned.

IOTA Project

It is important to point out there is also an “iota project” that has something to do with cryptocurrencies. So please be careful! The VR game is something very different and something that shouldn’t set you back any of your hard-earned cash. In the game, you control hulking giants that can smash up cities with a variety of cool weapons including a frigging chainsaw. It is the sort of mayhem that is perfect for VR. Download it now, thank us later.

VR Flush

Firstly the graphics in this game are amazing. The idea is strange, in so much as it involves having a poo and aliens. Although it isn’t much more than a tech demo it uses the tech well. It contains the perfect dose of humour and gameplay and while it won’t kill too much time it is great for showing off your new headset to your mates.

Belko VR

Belko VR does something very clever. It takes the escape room style experience and puts it into VR. The graphics are great and immersive and the puzzle-solving is slick and clever. This is the sort of experience that we need more of in VR.

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