Should eSports Play More Of A Role In Schools?

The England football team isn’t doing too bad these days, is it? There is little debate that the Premier League is one of the greatest in the world. For starters it boasts having last years European cup and EUFA winners (and the two defeated finalists) Why is that? Because our nation cares about football.

There is no doubt that football brings a lot of money into our country. It is good for the country as a whole. But could eSports do something similar? We at the Versed happen to think that it could and in the wake of two top premier league clubs signing lucrative partnerships with eSports companies it would seem the Premier League seems to think so too.

What could it do for the country

eSports is not a massive deal in the UK as it currently stands. You could argue that it even falls behind US sports such as NFL and pro-wrestling for popularity. But does this have to be the case? I would suggest not. Allegedly there are certain eSports events being watched by more people than the Superbowl if you believe the hype. All indicators are that certainly in the US that eSports is a rapid growth industry, of course, there are some that fear it may be a bubble but at the moment it looks like eSports is here to stay.

Same difference

Like the US we are a nation that enjoys watching sport. We are also a nation that likes to game! So with that in mind is it likely that eSports are eventually going to catch fire in the UK? Well there are steps in place to try and chivvy along that process but you can’t help feeling that the UK is being left behind. None of the world’s best gamers seems to come from our shores and because of that it is difficult for us as a nation to get behind it. So what can we do to combat that?

Schools can play a part

In order for eSports to really kick off in the country, it probably has to start at grass roots. Many schools ban or severely limit mobile use and very few actively encourage kids to play video games. actively create a culture where professional gamers thrive this probably needs to be addressed. Of course critics of this philosophy will point to rising childhood obesity figures to help push their agenda, but quite aside from the potential to create great gamers, promoting eSports in schools has another very important benefit.

Video games, the great equaliser

Here is the thing, in mainstream sports, you are always going to get the geeky kid that doesn’t fit in and doesn’t have much strength or speed. Video games are a terrific equaliser. It isn’t just naturally physically gifted types that can good at them. You have a room with a few x-boxes in and you, get kids from all walks of life playing together. Four foot nine Derek may never be able to best Tom on the football field, probably wouldn’t be allowed on the pitch with him in the first place. But give them both a controller and they will bash through a game of FIFA or Call of Duty together and sometimes Derek is going to win, see my point? I genuinely think it could have an impact on some of schools most vulnerable and needy students giving them the opportunity to become accepted through a shared love of gaming. Worst case scenario it gives kids something to do at breaks when it rains, right? Surely worth the gamble?

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