Who Would Win The COG or Covenant?

Gears of War and Halo are two of Microsoft’s biggest franchises. The two have a lot in common. From their war setting to similar use of body armour. Then there’s the fact that both stories feature the classic humans vs aliens trope, but let us for a second imagine these two worlds collided. Who would win if the COG took on Master Chief and his men or the locusts battled the Covenant? We will look at all four factions and decide the overall winner.

The COG army

In the latest series, it seems that the COG has bolstered its army somewhat. Having said that they seem to be dropping like flies. Standard Gears soldiers don’t seem particularly tough. However you have to say that the higher ranking characters have earned their place in COG law. The likes of Marcus Fenix and Augustus Cole are worth a hundred regular soldiers. Because of their courage alone these battle-hardened warriors will be fierce competition.


In the Halo, franchise humanity is represented by a bunch of soldiers with some pretty cool armour. These troops aren’t quite as heroic as their counterparts from the planet of Sera. However, one area where they seem to exceed their human counterparts is in technology. While the COG army uses traditional ammunition and military vehicles, humankind in the Halo-verse is seriously stacked. It has troops with advanced armour and a wealth of vehicles, not to mention the fact that all of the weapons are energy or laser-based. Truly this is heavy-duty compared to their COG counterparts. As cool as it is having a chainsaw on the front of your gun, it’s not exactly cutting edge, is it? Okay, so technically you could use the edge to cut… you know what I mean though.

The locusts

The locusts, the lambent, the swarm, whatever you want to call them, they are all basically the same animal. This army doesn’t have traditional vehicles and instead use a variety of different animals in their army. From the barbaric berserker, a goliath like, female warrior who can tear troops to shreds, to the likes of the Brumak, giant beasts that act as an organic tank. Make no bones about it, this army can come at you hard and with a great variety of destructive force and just because they are named after insects, these are far from bugs that can just be squashed. Just ask Dom Santiago…oh that’s right, you can’t because he’s dead!

The covenant

This army consists of a mix of different races but at the exclusion of humans. Their battles with humanity have been legendary as they fight behind the justification of their religion. Zealots are always difficult to defeat and in terms of technology their weaponry is on par with humanity’s, taking advantage of plasma-based weapons, but they also have superior numbers as just about any race can represent them.

Who would win?

If these four factions were to go to war you’d have to think that the Covenant and the locusts would be natural allies. Although the locusts might be too primitive to join, a lot would rest on the negotiating skills of the locust queen. The COG has shown they don’t play well with others, hence the pendulum wars, but with the end of humanity on the line they might have to swallow their pride and join forces. If both sides did this you would have to bet on humanity with its resourcefulness to triumph. Once it did in the civil war between humanity and the COG you’d have to give the Halo guys the edge, but the hammer of Dawn might well be a difference-maker in that battle.

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