What Do We Want To See In The Next Big MMORPG?

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (or MMORPG’s) have fallen out of fashion a little bit. At one time they were the hottest property in gaming. Everybody wanted to make one. Even huge IP’s like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings were getting in on the action with their own games. Hopefully one day the genre will enjoy a renaissance. But for anyone toying with making one, here is what we would like to be in it!

Career choices

Lots of MMORPG games let you choose between four different classes, and this is okay, I guess. However, cast your mind back to the early days of Star Wars Galaxies. That game had lots of flaws, but it had a couple of strengths that have never been replicated. In the original game there was a massive variety of “professions”. You could specialise in one or two professions or mix and match to get certain desirable skills. It led to a huge variety of “builds” and literally meant you could play the game as a pure weapons crafter, or just an entertainer. Or simply a doctor. Not only was this fun and gave you a reason to create alts. But It also greatly boosted the role playing vibe.

Dynamic crafting and economy

I’m going to sound like an SWG fanboi, but the Star Wars Galaxies crafting system was phenomenal. Different resources of varying quality spawned across the galaxy. You needed the best-statted resources to craft the best items. Some of the items you could craft were extractors to aid in the extraction of these resources. But the parts used to make various items could only be crafted by specialist crafters. What this meant is that the whole community relied on each other. This meant you could carve a niche for yourself.


Because you are going to need a place to keep all of the cool stuff that you loot and craft. The housing system in SWTOR was pretty good and offered decent variety, but the more customisation the better. Allowing a system like the sims is the future of this element. Also borrowing from Galaxies would be good, allowing to place vendors in their houses and turn them into shops that others can visit.


All the best games have them and the more variety the better. And actually, it might be cool to borrow a bit from Halo and have vehicles that can be used in battle, either against NPC’s or in PVP. To my knowledge it’s never been done, but how cool would it be?
Rich story and lore
I am talking Mass Effect levels of lore. Create a world that people want to populate and they will populate it. It doesn’t have to have a big IP behind it (although, I’d love a new Star Wars MMO!)

Modern graphics

World Of Warcraft looked good for its day but it’s very dated now. PC’s have capabilities we could only dream of ten years ago. We need an MMORPG that looks like a AAA adventure game! Surely we deserve something so beautiful?

Visceral combat

Sometimes MMORPG combat can feel sedate and dull. Firstly it is important that it feels like the combat is straight out of an adventure game, but also it needs to feel like your skills and character level effect how much of a badass your character is.

Variety of play styles

As touched on before not everybody wants to grind combat. Give players options to be traders, doctors and various other professions and let people play the game the way they want to.

Battle Royale influences

This is one of the most popular genres on the planet at the moment. PVP servers could operate like a massive Battle Royal with the constant threat of being attacked.

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