8 Apple Arcade Games You Need To Check Out


1. Patterned

If you like your games to be more laid-back and chill then Patterned is probably the game for you! The idea behind the game is that you pick up and drop patches of a repeating pattern, matching each piece with its location on the grid, a little bit like a jigsaw. The image starts out as just a black and white sketch, but as the pieces are dropped in, the colour starts to fill in, and your task gets a little easier. The game also features a melodic and ambient soundtrack to help relax.

2. Lego Brawl

By now you may well be familiar with one or more of the Lego video games – with some of its most popular being Lego Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones just to name a few. Now, Lego Brawl is on the horizon for mobile users and brings players back to the basics of smashing your enemies into dozens of tiny blocks. It’s by no means the most sophisticated or detailed of the games on Apple Arcade, but it’s a whole load of fun, and there’s plenty of potential for levelling up your character.

3. Card of Darkness

Card of Darkness is sort of like a game of solitaire mashed up with a dungeon-crawling RPG. You start each game with a series of cards face-up, which represent things like gold, weapons, enemies, health, and special magical scrolls. Tapping each will do something different — enemies will drain your health, weapons give you something to defend against that — and will also turn adjacent cards face-up. Like in any good dungeon crawler, the goal is to find a pathway through an increasingly dangerous space while steadily levelling up.

4. Sneaky Sasquatch

In this game you become an eponymous Sasquatch that takes on many challenges. As a Sasquatch, your challenge is to take food from a nearby campsite without being spotted by the campers or chased off by the rangers. The developers of the game have put in numerous tasks and levelling missions to keep the game exciting and have numerous ways for you to level your own way. The gameplay design makes it really easy to follow what’s happening around you, too.

5. Stela

Stela is a game where you just keep running and running. It’s essentially just a game with an endless runner, if you will—but there are so many challenges and variations in each level that you always need to be thinking one step ahead. The puzzles are smart, the game mechanics are nicely put together and keep you paying attention and alert, and the quality of the visuals and sound effects make this well worth checking out.

6. Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts smooshes together auto runner and rhythm action elements to form a glorious pop music-soaked sugar rush of a game. Guide your fabulously fashionable hero through undulating cosmic highways, collecting hearts and hitting screen prompts in time to a suitably eclectic soundtrack.

7. Skate City

The game takes place from a side-scrolling perspective, and features very simple touch controls. You tap to push forward, and swipe in a variety of directions to pull off various moves. Hop on a rail and you’ll need to hit on-screen buttons to balance yourself out. Beyond the way it plays, Skate City also just nails the vibe that’s so important to skateboarding. The soundtrack is excellent, and the visuals have a grainy, sun-kissed look to them that just makes you want to pick up a board and explore.

8. Speed Demons

There’s something deeply satisfying and fun about the best auto-scrolling games, and that’s certainly the case here with Speed Demons: All the acceleration is handled for you, so all you need to do is simply concentrate on dodging the traffic ahead of you throughout each level, and applying the brakes when needed. In Speed Demons, you have a total of 25 different vehicles to experiment with, eight different game modes to have a go at.

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