These IP’s Need To Have Their Own Game, Pronto

There are dozens of decent Star Wars games. As one of the world’s most popular IP’s (intellectual property for the uninitiated), that is perhaps unsurprising. But there are plenty of big IPs lacking a killer game. Here are a few that we feel deserve a Triple-A title.

Dr Who

Yeah, we get it, it might not quite have the global appeal of Star Wars but it does have some traction in the US. There have been plenty of mobile titles released and every game had one thing in common. They were all dreadful. There is so much scope for an adventure game with the doctor. It could be a stand-alone title with a relatively linear story, but give the illusion of an open world. Borrowing from the likes of Kotor. Come on developers… allons y

Game of thrones

Once again there are plenty of mobile titles that are vaguely GoT related. And once again they are pretty awful. Of course, an MMORPG would be cool, but am I the only one who would like to see a MOBA? There are a lot of characters in the universe. Characters can be pulled from the books too. Plus a set of generic characters added just for the game could round out the roster. Personally, I want to play as Tyrion.


Back in its pomp, there were two x-files games. Neither were great. One tried to produce a Silent Hill style horror effort. This is definitely the way to go. However, with modern graphics and some effort put in this could be amazing. Horror games are rare these days and seeing Mulder and Scully back on our consoles would be great for the genre.

Breaking Bad

So so many bad mobile games. This needs to be a business sim. You start off with a camper van and some basic plants for growing weed. There is a strategy style mini-game when you do “crimes” these can be taking out rival gangs or collecting ingredients. You upgrade and grow your empire. El Camino was massively popular on Netflix showing that there is still an audience for this. It needs to happen.


Whenever there is a new Spiderman game released people go crazy. Spidey is cool. But so is Supes! Some sort of system whereby you zoom out and see the entire earth and zoom in on areas where you are needed would be great. Or maybe a similar vibe to GTA with a vast open world version of Metropolis and Smallville. If they absolutely had to include the Justice League they could do. But honestly, we would just be happy flying around freezing people with THAT theme tune playing. Iconic.

Independence Day

This could be a cool strategy game. With humans versus the aliens. Yes, I know we have X-com and this game would and should borrow heavily from it, but wouldn’t it be great? In fact just make an X-com 3 with voice over from Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman and take our money.

Stranger things

Yes, there has been a frankly disappointing VR title, but this is one of TV’s biggest hits and it deserves a game. The fact that you can flip between the underneath and the real world offers some potentially fun dynamics. This needs to happen.

Nightmare on Elm Street

We have already seen how much fun games can be when you control the villain. Freddy is arguably the most iconic horror villain in movie history. In one of the films, he is literally playing a video game of himself! The fact that he can only attack people in their sleep means time-sensitive levels. You could even play from the victims or Fred’s perspective to help mix it up.

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