Why Gamers Should Put Down Their Headsets And Watch A Panto This Year

It is technically pantomime season. Now I know a lot of you hardcore gamers out there probably don’t fancy leaving your uber comfy gaming seats for longer then it takes to grab a Magnum from the freezer. (I’m allowed to stereotype, I do it too). However, it is worth it to check out a good old pantomime and here is why.

Supporting the arts

There are two types of pantomimes: the professional and the amateur. Both of them have one thing in common they are filled with actors. Professional actors, especially the ones you find in panto, are likely to find it hard to get work. For that reason alone attending a panto is offering opportunities to struggling actors. As for the amateurs, they dedicate months of rehearsals with their only reward being getting your cheers or boos. Am dram is a dying art in the UK and it needs you.

It can be a social event

This is especially true if you know somebody who is in it. However, a night at the theatre makes a good date. (Oh no it doesn’t – sorry had to do it at least once.) And is equally great when you go with a bunch of friends. Also, if you’re going to see a local acting troupe there is a good chance they will frequent the local watering hole after the show so you can pop along and enjoy their company if that’s your thing.

Kids love it

They tend to be inexpensive and the kids have a great time. Often, select wee ones will be called up on stage to take part in dances with the colourful characters. The jokes in panto tend to have punchlines that appeal to the younglings, but also innuendos that us parents can snigger at and the kids have no idea. You know, kinda like watching an episode of the Simpsons.

It’s interactive

Yes, I know you all love playing a bit of Mass Effect when you get to choose your pathway. Imagine having that sort of effect on real life. Okay so isn’t technically real life it’s a fictional fella named jack, and you are less choosing his path through life and more yelling that he has a giant behind him. It’s still great fun though. (Oh no it isn’t – the last one I swear.)

It could improve your trash talking

If you are tired of the same old “you’re a noob” being tossed around then you may find some terribly inventive new Insults to hurl at people. For instance, a recent pantomime I attended was nautical themed and since then when insult somebody I refer to them as a bilge rat. I don’t even know what a bilge rat is but I like to think it’s a savage retort. Also, you get to yell and boo at real-life people. Not just scream at your headset because “that was never offside.”

It gets you away from a screen

There are so few activities where we are away from our phone. The theatre is one of the few places where it is unacceptable to pull out our generations idiot box. For a couple of hours, you can get away from Facebook or the blue glow of your flat screen and be immersed in a different world. A world steeped with tradition and heritage. Plus occasionally there are sword fights.

If you like Ru Paul’s drag race…

Then you will love the pantomime dame. I mean if you are not a fan of that schtick it may well have you running for the exit. But seeing a grown man parade around in a dress can be hilarious! Especially if it’s one of your mates.

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