The Versed Picks Its Most Entertaining eSports Team

This attitude might not prove too popular in the USA but not everything is about winning! DOTA two is one of the world’s most popular eSports and requires a team of five people. Of course, if we wanted to construct a team to dominate DOTA 2 we would sift through the world’s greatest eSports players. And that might be fun. However wouldn’t it be so much more fun to imagine the world’s most entertaining eSports team? There are no rules here, we can use fictional characters or real-life people as we please because life is too short for regulations.

Team coach – Smithy from Gavin and Stacey

If you have never seen Gavin and Stacey, go and binge watch it. Sure it is very British humour, but it is also hilariously funny. Smithy’s inclusion as a team coach might seem a little odd, even to fans of the show. But here is the thing, for the British charity Sports Relief, James Corden’s Smithy character played the role of a “super coach” and gave a rousing motivational speech. The skit was hilarious featuring stars such as David Beckham and for this reason alone, Smithstaaarr is our eSports coach.

Jack Black

Remember these guys are just playing. We don’t need physically fit specimens as all they are going to do is veg out and hopefully, provide us with a healthy dose of top quality banter. Of course, Black is famed for his ironically laid back views on marijuana, so if that is your thing he is a great man to have on your team. Plus he is just a funny guy. Imagine if he just started performing his legendary scat midway through a match, it would be amazing.

Paul Rudd

Firstly because I have seen the Forty-Year Old Virgin. There is a famous scene where the Ant-Man star sits and plays video games and he looked as natural as could be. Plus he starred in Role Models so you know he would be down for some cosplay action, and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want their eSports team to come out in Cosplay?

Ed Sheran

Okay, so I know that the dude is like Marmite. Some of you may want to punch him the face. You may detest his bright orange locks. Some of you may have heard his music so much on the radio that you want to force-feed him his own CD’s. But there is no denying that he is a tremendously talented songwriter who manages to consistently produce songs that are so catchy that NBL sides are trying to sign them. Hopefully, the ginger genius whips out his guitar whenever he is waiting for his character to respawn.

Barack Obama

Firstly, how frigging cool would it be to see Obama getting his gaming on? Secondly, the guy is worth inviting for his dad jokes alone. Whether or not you liked his politics you can’t help but be drawn to the guy. He is charming, well mannered and just an all-round gentleman. Plus you have to imagine that he might be able to get you free snacks based on name value alone.

The Rock

Okay, it might get a little confusing as we are fairly certain that if you superimposed half of the Rock’s face on to Obamas that you probably couldn’t see much of a difference! (yes we have seen the meme!) The Rock would obviously act as the group’s muscle but is just a cool guy. We also low key hope that with him in the team that occasionally Kevin Hart will just randomly show up. Because bromance.

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