KSI Takes Out Logan Paul But Was It A Fix?

KSI and Logan Paul don’t much like one another. Strange given the fact that they are pretty obsessed with each other. Preceding their first bout the pair exchanged insults and later diss tracks before the British YouTube sensation triumphed over his US counterpart In Manchester.

Fast forward to 2019 and the two internet darlings clashed once more. This time, gone were the head protectors, both fighters adorned in 10-ounce gloves as they prepared for their rematch and their first professional fight.

Big entrance

The fight had all the pomp and ceremony you’d associate with a world championship match from the world’s most famous ring announcer to the playing of each fighter’s national anthem. This had a big fight feel and with good reason. The match would be watched globally and generate the sort of interest you’d associate with the likes of Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder.

Round One

KSI looked sharper from the bell as he came forward at Paul. With the longer reach, Paul would have done well to keep KSI at a distance with the jab, but the smaller fighter was able to get inside and land the better of the punches. KSI missed the mark with a lot of shots but still did enough to secure the round in my view.

Round Two

Again another close round that KSI managed to shade. Paul managed to land a few punches, but his measured approach seemed a stark comparison to KSI who once again threw everything at his opponent and therefore just took the round, but marginally.

Round Three

Arguably KSI’s best round. Although because the knockdown came via a blow to the back of the head it didn’t count, if it had I would have given the two-point advantage to the Brit. Even without the extra point for the knockdown, once again it was KSI that looked most dangerous. Although his exertions were starting to show as he looked increasingly leggy.

Round four

This round was the most controversial of the fight. With the two boxers taking part in their first pro-fight with little in the way of amateur experience there was always going to be a lack of finesse but unfortunately, Logan Paul broke the rules. Full credit to the American he cracked KSI with a game-changing uppercut. Unfortunately on his way down to the deck, Logan hit KSI with a further shot, costing him two points. While the knockdown still stood, given the penalty I gave this round a draw.

Round five

Buoyed by the previous round Paul looked far sharper and it appeared that the knockdown and the frantic pace that KSI had adopted was starting to catch up with him. Logan’s measured approach was starting to show as he kept KSI at Bay with his jab and landed some strong looking punches giving him the round, but only marginally.

Round six

KSI came out strong in the final round and took the bout to his adversary, scoring the better of the final round’s exchanges. I scored the fight 57 to 54 in KSI’s favour, which was the same as one of the three judges. Who gave the bout to KSI on a split decision.


Jake Paul sounded off about the match being a fix, but the result seemed about fair to me, a pretty neutral observer. What I will say is that the penalty that Paul gave away probably cost him. If that was a standing eight count he could have potentially seized the advantage and scored a knockout. KSI certainly seemed out of it. But because of the foul KSI was afforded ample time to recover. Had Logan Paul not committed that foul it could have been a very different result.

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