These Are The Gaming Snacks You Deserve

Being a gamer has had an unquestionable effect on the size of my ass. It used to be fairly pert and now I carry a wide load sticker. The problem for a lot of us is, when we game, we snack. I’m not going to sit here and didactically preach at you about your five a day and a healthy lifestyle. What I will say is this, if you are going to snack, snack good! We are here to help with our top suggestions for gaming goodies.

Avoid at all costs

First of all, let’s deal with the elephant in the room. There are some snacks you should probably avoid while gaming. Cheetos and wotsits are a prime example. I mean for starters they leave you looking like you have Donald Trump’s hands (only human-sized) secondly is those orange crumbs are going to get all over your controller. Also, avoid beetroot as it makes your pee red and it’s scary.

Red Bull

As previously stated this is not the article where we promote a healthy lifestyle. I think one of them is due, but screw it, it’s almost Christmas so let’s get right to the good stuff. Red Bull is definitely the good stuff. Sure, Monster is more trendy, but Red Bull is the caffeinated beverage that started the trend. It’s a must if you are planning a late-night session.


Mars Bar

Once again this sugary treat is all about keeping you awake! Lastability is important in the gaming arena. Sure, there are better chocolate bars out there (I’m looking at you Cadbury’s Wispa) but for, the energy you can’t beat a Mars Bar, can you? While we are at it the ice cream version of these are pure belter!

Sensations: lime and coriander poppadum

Yes, I am totally aware that some people have a, frankly irrational, revulsion when it comes to coriander. Those people are wrong it is the best herb and that’s a fact. Poppodums are delicious. These snacks, in particular, are so tasty and regularly reduced in supermarkets to just a quid a bag. At that price you can’t go wrong, may as well get two!


Don’t get me wrong, I love a dominos but it’s so frigging expensive! I just can’t justify it. Therefore I always buy frozen pizzas. You can usually pick these up from places like ASDA for the sub-pound mark, ridiculous value and they are so easy to cook a five-year-old could do it. (important legal notice: do not let your five-year-old cook pizza).

Pasties – shortcrust

Yeah, sausage rolls are wildly popular but the fact they are shortcrust leads to an enormous amount of crums and frankly that is just frustrating to all involved. That is precisely why pasties are the future. For those of you that live north of Birmingham, a pasty is meat wrapped in pastry! Pork pies are an acceptable, if extremely unhealthy, alternative.

Cheese chunks

You ever had one of those evenings where you are out of snacks and you just cannot summon the energy to go to the shop? We feel your pain. The ultimate convenience food is just to chunk up some cheese. Good old fashioned chunks of cheddar are great.


Most of these are low mess food and cereal somewhat bucks that trend. It is more a snack to eat when you have died and you are waiting to see if your team can finish the job without you. You know when your teams “clutch player” is fighting against three opposing players and you know he loves to hide…that’s when you pull out the Coco Pops.

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