These Retro Films Need A Good Game

There is no doubt in the minds of anyone over the age of 30 that the best films came from the eighties and early nineties. Let’s be honest here, the only films people get excited about these days are Marvel films or reboots! Video games based on movies were far rarer back then and so some gems missed the treatment.

So let’s take a rewind to halcyon days when not every movie lasted three hours and starred Adam Sandler (in fairness, most of them did have Tom Hanks in though.) and see what retro films would make great games.


It’s topical leading up to Christmas, and yes, of course, it’s a Christmas movie, it features snow, presents and Mogwai. The game would be a smash. You could control the loveable Gizmo trying to survive an onslaught from his nasty cousins who chose to eat after midnight.

Bigfoot and the Henderson’s

Just how they would convert this into a game is beyond me. But I don’t care I just want to see Harry back on our screens. And for the love of Pete, it needs to star John Lithgow as the head of the Henderson household.

Home Alone

Sticking with the Christmas theme. Okay so at first glance this an odd choice for a game. But you could happily make this one into an amazing and addictive mobile title. Simply have various locations that you have to protect. It could be a tower defence type game just with a unique twist.

Karate Kid

The film has had a bit of a resurgence of late with the incredible Cobra Kai series coming to the fore. I’m not sure how they could make the game stand out from other fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken but whoever picks up this idea has to nail the retro 80’s vibe with accompanying soundtrack. If it doesn’t contain any Peter Cetera we will riot.

The Goonies

If for no other reason then because there need to be more pirate-themed games. Also, The Goonies is one of the greatest kids movies of all time. Although if you let your children watch it they will probably be a little terrified. How it would work as a game is anybody’s guess. But in Mass Effect you are able to use an entire squad, so…

The Labyrinth

There just aren’t many games released with a female protagonist. This could readdress that shocking unbalance. The soundtrack could be incredible. This would be the video game equivalent of those mazes you’d play as a kid where you trace a line to the end, with some awesome puzzles thrown in along the way. And perhaps most importantly of all, Dance Magic.

Die Hard

Crawling through the ventilation system, walking barefoot on glass, pushing terrorists off hotels and yelling Yipey kayay mother… How have these things not been put into any video game yet? This game could use stealth mechanics so you, as John McLane, attempt to thwart a terrorist attack all while wise-cracking and wearing an increasingly grimy white vest.

Top Gun

Have we had a decent flight-em-up since X-wing versus Tie Fighter? And with rumours of a Top Gun sequel the timing could be perfect. You could create your own pilot and take part in online battles and in between scenes you could have the melodic thrum of Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone.


There are a plethora of games about mean-spirited aliens invading earth or earth-like planets. Isn’t about time we had a wholesome friendly alien? And they don’t get more wholesome than ET. Just controlling the retro little dude would be a treat. Some sort of 3D platformer filled with eighties easter eggs would be a perfect fit for this mainstream classic.

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