How To Build A Gaming Rig On A Shoestring Budget

There are plenty of games that test modern PC rigs to their limits. If you want a rig that can play today’s top titles in glorious 4k at a decent frame rate then you are probably looking at forking out thousands of pounds in hardware. However, you can indeed make a games machine on a budget. Here are suggestions. Costs may vary, but keep your ear to the ground and you may snag yourself a bargain.


I put this as our starting point because it is probably one of the most important parts of your new machine. For the unititated, this is the graphics processing unit. This is the piece of hardware that makes your computer a gaming rig. Leave out this part and your PC will run, but if you try to play anything more advanced then Minesweeper and you will have a horrible laggy, jagged mess!

Now let me get this out of the way when it comes to the Asus versus Nvidia I am team Nvidia. In my opinion, they represent better value for money. For this build, we are recommending the GTX 1060. Don’t be put off by the fact that this beauty doesn’t start with the digits two and zero. This is a peach of a graphics card that gives you a great deal of graphical bang for your buck. You can get the standard 6gb version for between a hundred and 200 quid if you don’t mind shopping around or going second hand. And if you are running on HD instead of 4K you will struggle to find anything it doesn’t handle beautifully.


Is this even a discussion when you are building your own PC? It has to be Intel. We recommend the Core i5-9400F. Unless you are doing some serious video rendering you never need to go the I7 route. This will handle the day to day stuff, word processing etc like a boss. And it won’t bottleneck your system.


The Gigabyte Z390 UD is our choice of budget motherboard. It’s tough to find a gaming motherboard in the sub £100 range but that is exactly what this does. It contains six SATA ports so if you decide to go all gung ho on storage you can have a beasty SSD raid down the line (if that’s your thing!)


We are not going to teach you to suck eggs when it comes to buying RAM. If you are confident enough to buy a PC you will be okay picking up a couple of 8gb DDR4-3000 sticks. You should be able to do this for less than fifty quid.


SATA SSD drives changed the game, but M2 SSD’s are a different level once again and you can pick up the Intel 660p 1TB for less than a hundred big ones. One Terabyte of speedy SSD storage is not something you can sniff at. Okay so when it fills up it might slow down a little but come on we are working on a budget, guys!


When it comes to the power supply. Take it from somebody who had a PC die because of a faulty pack, you never want to skimp. Gold rated is a necessity and in that respect, the EVGA GD 500W 80+ Gold is right on the money.


Of course, this is as much down to personal preference as anything. We have gone for the spacious and elegant Phanteks P300 ATX Mid Tower Case. It gives you plenty of room and the clear side panel means if you want to show off the sexy components you can.

When it comes to peripherals feel free to spend out on a swanky keyboard and mouse, personally I find my Poundland mouse does the trick just fine, but that’s just me!

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