These Game Genres Are Painfully Underused

In the world that we live in games tend to fit into a few pre-defined categories. Let’s be honest here, there are plenty of war games out, a plethora of fantasy games and more alien-fighting games then you can shake a lightsabre at. But what is the next big genre of games? The versed will take a look at some under-represented genres.


Horror games were all the rage in the nineties and while we still get plenty of these we never appear to get big ones. The last big horror game was Five Nights at Freddy’s and no disrespect to the youth of today, who seem to love it, but it’s awful. Where is the next Silent Hill? It is long overdue.


Okay so Fallout kind of has this covered, but games with a horrendous version of the future don’t have to be about an atomic wasteland. Where is the blade-runner style game? Perhaps the reason that there aren’t many games in this genre is that people feel like they are actually living in a Dystopia! Wait, I hope the government isn’t reading this, I’m writing it without my tinfoil hat on.

A spy game

Yes, way back when I was a nipper we had Goldeye (James Bond is the ultimate spy!) but even then the mechanics of that game just meant that it was basically a multiplayer shooter. It’s not like anybody makes those these days, is it? Remember the mechanics from LA Noire? The technology is there to make a truly memorable and unique game around the art of being a secret spy. Isn’t it time a game dev took a risk like this?


Seriously the obsession with health and fitness in this country is as big as it’s ever been. More and more people are hitting the gym trying to live longer and look better. But there are still those too shy to attend. Still, people who find the idea of 20 minutes on a treadmill the most insufferably dull thing they could possibly subject themselves to. For those people the Wii fit was perfect. It presented an opportunity for people to get fitter without even leaving the house. The X-box tried cashing in with their Kinect and missed the mark, but there is a definite gap in the market for this now.


Why are pirates called pirates? Because they ARGH! Sorry. Seriously though, when the first Pirates of the Caribbean movies was released it was hugely popular. The reason for this? Pirates are frigging cool. There is something about the cutlass swinging, hook wielding bad-asses that get us pumped, and with a couple of notable exceptions, this hasn’t really been captured in games.

Serial Killer

This does not mean somebody who eats lots of cereal. Take the recent popularity of the film based on Ted Bundy. Right or wrong our society loves a good villain. Wouldn’t it be great to have a game where you orchestrate killings and try and cover them up afterwards? I’m not sure how the mechanics would work but this has to happen.

Drug dealers

I have talked about this before. Look at the popularity of Breaking Bad! A game where you are a seedy drug dealer would be addictive as they come. This needs to happen.

Cops and robbers

We have a GTA game, where is the game where you play a standard copper trying to bust criminals. Some people want to restore order wearing a badge!

Social bugs

So, I discovered today that this is a thing! Or at least it is in the pipeline. Unfortunately, it only covers ants, there needs to be a game where you can choose a faction to control, ranging from ants to termites and bees.

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