What To Buy Gamers This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and with that in mind, it is time to think about what to buy for our gaming buddies. After all most of them will buy the games they want as they are released. With that in mind don’t expect games to appear on this list, if you want recommendations for games for Christmas that will be coming your way soon.

A fancy controller

If your loved one is a console gamer then they may well relish just having an extra controller this christmas. There are, for most consoles, advanced controllers which may well give gamers a competitive edge. You can also get them a custom controller with their favourite characters on. There are Gears of War controllers, pokemon controllers, you name it, it probably exists. If you can’t find what you are after you can look for decorative stickers for their controllers.


Yes, it may feel a bit uncreative but if you know a hardcore gamer I can guarantee that they will appreciate a voucher for somewhere like Game, or even Steam if they are a PC gamer. This way your gaming friends can pick up whatever game they want.

USB powered decoration

If they are a PC gamer chances are they have a cool looking rig and computer desk. There are all kinds of useful and quirky USB powered gadgets they can have to plug into their gaming PC. In particular, we can recommend the Can cooler, the mini-fridge that keeps a single can of pop cold, or even the USB powered mini-plasma balls which make an awesome, quirky decoration.

Snack hamper

Gamers love snacks! That’s just a fact. So why not help your bulging buddy binge eat this christmas? We recently ran an article suggesting ideal snacks for us gaming folk, so why not take a read of that to give you some ideas of bits and bobs you can stick in a basket for your friends. You can even find some kind of geeky game-related container to stick the munchies in.


If your loved one plays online then chances are they use a headset. The sets that come with consoles are decent but the sound quality isn’t the greatest. You can really feel the difference when you are using a top-quality headset.

Gamer guides

You have to know the person pretty well to make this present a useful one. But if you know what your friend’s favourite game is then it might be worth checking for the official game guide for it. Most games will have one and sometimes they provide you with cool hints or point out secret easter eggs. Even if they’re not particularly useful they are a nice gift.


Once again you need to know what games they are into, but if you do then you can almost guarantee that they will appreciate artwork based on their fave games. Posters work for teens, for adults plump for a canvas.

General merch.

All the biggest games have swathes of cool merch. From bobbleheads to tee shirts. If you go into a decent game store they generally stock this kind of stuff and will likely appreciate it.


Perhaps this is a bit of a stereotype but as a general rule, the type of person to play video games is probably going to get a kick out of quirky gadgets. There are some great websites which will give you all the ideas you could possibly ask for.

Retro handheld

There are plenty of these online. Small handheld devices that contain hundreds of retro games. For the older gamers, this will give a massive nostalgia kick and they are pretty good if you are a regular commuter on public transport.

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