Are These The Greatest Robots To Grace Our Screens?

In the history of video games, TV and film there have been some absolutely incredible robots. I look at the real world and I see Sophie, the life-like AI but I can’t help but wonder how the entertainment industry can make robots far cooler than any actual scientist. Come on science, keep up! Anyway, here are some of the coolest robots to ever grace our screens and monitors.

C3PO and R2 D2

Androids are robots as well, right? Who really has the time to learn the difference? Not me, I’m paid by the word, not the hour! These two droids are mainstays of the Star Wars franchise. The comedy duo stole our hearts from the off with their amusing bromance. Wait? R2 is a boy, right? Do droids even have genders?

Short Circuit

The debate will always rage over which was better, the original or the sequel. Personally, I’m a fan of number 2. However, in both movies, Johnny 5 lit up our screens. The roving robot proved that even a bucket of bolts has more acting range than Kristen Stewart. I’m just kidding. I loved Twilight!


Does this count? I’m counting it! Cyborg, robot, what’s the difference? While the original Terminator looked human on the outside it was so very cool to see the machines without their external skin. The T1000 was also very cool.

Wall E

This movie was so groundbreaking as it proved that you don’t need dialogue to move a film along. The eponymous hero showed so much depth of personality without ever saying anything coherent. This really did represent Disney at its best, offering up a clear and positive message and doing so with a stunning movie.


We all love dogs, don’t we? Even when they are made from metal! This is one of Doctor Who’s most endearing companions. The cute robot dog got him out of a pickle on countless occasions and sits proudly on this list.


Futurama is so effortlessly funny. It proved that there was life after the Simpsons, although thankfully the Simpsons endures! (Can you imagine life without it?) Bender’s wisecracks are one of the highlights of this animated classic.


I’m fairly confident that Kryten’s head was modelled after incredibly talented F1 driver David Coulthard. Kryten was played by the dude from Scrapheap challenge and, as the sensitive, caring robot aboard the Red Dwarf, was a big part of what made the sci-fi comedy so appealing.


I loved the Power Rangers as a kid and while the rangers themselves stole the show with their martial arts skills there is still a place in my heart for the robot caretaker that runs the command centre. How can you not love a robot that looks like it has a wok on its head, yelling “ai, ai, ai”?


This is the second entry from Doctor Who. It’s fair to say that at the heart of a Dalek (if you really can say they have one) is a life form, but to quote Obi-wan Kenobi “They are more machine now”. The Dalek’s are one of the most iconic baddies in any TV show. And their presence lets you know that you are in for a classic episode.

The Geth

If you have played Mass Effect then you will be familiar with the Geth. They are a robotic race that came about due to a rogue AI. Okay so that isn’t a novel approach to storytelling, but the Geth look frigging cool and a powerful adversary that help drive Mass Effect’s terrific story.


Buck Rogers faithful robotic companion. Admittedly you have to be pretty frigging old to remember Twiki, but if you are old enough to know him, then you are wise enough to love him. Is it a him? I don’t like to assume.

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