The Best Memes of 2019

Some things just go well together: sausages and mashed potato, apple pie and ice cream, and the subject of this article: gamers and memes.

What is a meme?

The phrase was coined by God-hating scientist, Richard Dawkins. He invented the phrase to describe any kind of private joke or idiom that seemed to spread virally. These days it mostly associated with internet memes, amusing pictures or videos that are shared on social media. There have been some belters in 2019 let’s reflect on some of the best memes of 2019.

Cat meme

The side by side pictures of a cat and a screaming woman has been a wonderful compilation and led to some truly epic and amusing captions. Its since been parodied and used countless times to make it one of this year’s most popular memes.

Baby Yoda

With the launch of Disney’s epic new show, The Mandalorian came baby Yoda. The young version of the legendary green being has proved to be Star War’s answer to Puss in Boots with its stupidly cute eyes it has certainly melted some hearts and become a popular meme in the process.

The nobody meme

This meme involves a caption saying nobody: and then a follow-up caption of what the person’s response to silence is. This is usually some sort of awkward quote. It is well used on people who tend to say things that make everyone cringe. I’m looking at you Mr president.

Generational memes

There have been a lot of memes circulating the internet poking fun at the relationship between the different generations. In particular, the baby boomers taking potshots at millennials through memes. Okay so these can be a tad political but if you are clued up on such things, they are incredibly amusing.

30 to 50 feral hogs

One for our US friends this. After another US shooting a man was interviewed about getting rid of guns and casually asked how, without guns, he would deal with 30 to 50 feral hogs running through his yard. Queue a mass of amusing memes based around his talent for exaggeration.

Storm Area 51

This led to a pretty cool festival, although not the global reveal we had all hoped for. A campaign to storm the “secret” government base went viral and a whole host of celebrities claimed they were going to attend and try and break into Area 51. A bunch of people showed up, but it never really happened. However, it was hilarious to see people like The Rock and David Duchovny post their alleged support to the idea.

The bird box challenge

Okay, this started in 2019 but it spilt into this year so we will allow it! In the wake of the popular Netflix flick, people were so inspired that they started filming themselves doing random shit while blindfolded. Hilarity and probably several trips to casualty ensued.

Kids bop meme

This viral video featured an angry woman yelling obscenities through her car window. The sarcastic foul-mouthed woman claimed that she wasn’t setting a bad example for her kiddy winks as they were listening to “kids bop”.

Catching feelings – Tik Tok

This was all over Tik Tok. The song was usually accompanied by a guy seemingly crushing on one of his guy friends. It was very homoerotic and very amusing.

Rise and shine meme

This hilarious meme was based around a Kylie Jenner comedy moment where she amusingly woke her baba up by singing rise and shine. There are some seriously amusing videos featuring people waking up to Kylie’s melodic morning greeting. Perhaps the funniest is seeing her face in the sun from the Teletubbies.

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