The Games You Need To Buy This Christmas

We already ran an article on what to get gamers this Christmas. But what if you are buying for a gamer that you know can’t afford their own games. What then? For instance, if you are buying for your own kid, what is hot at the moment? Don’t worry we have your back.

Pokemon Sword/Shield

We have a review of the game on our site and it is well worth spending out for this Christmas. If you loved the previous Pokemon games this title is very definitely the evolution of the series. There is so much more longevity to this title then found in Lets Go Pikachu with more than three times as many of the gorgeously cute pocket-sized monsters.

Star Wars – Fallen Order

If you are a Star Wars fan then, of course, this game is a must. If you are not a Star Wars fan, this game is still a damn good adventure game in its own right. There is a reason it has been touted by many as a game of the year contender. Trust me your kid will love it, and you may well play it yourself when they go to bed!

Modern Warfare

The game goes back to its roots with a prequel. Going back to some much-beloved characters was a smart move for the series. Having a single-player story mode was always a highlight and the characters used in this game come from arguably one of the best of the franchise: Modern Warfare 2.

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Sometimes it is annoying having to buy a new FIFA every year. What’s annoying about this year’s entry is that it is genuinely worth shelling out the extra cash for. This is definitely the best game EA has made to represent the sport. The gameplay is as good as it has ever been and while it isn’t yet perfect it is lightyears better than 2019!

Spiderman – Playstation

As an X-box owner, I cannot help but bemoan the fact that this title is not available on my console! Seriously Spiderman games are so cool and it seems unfair that this one is only available on one console. Damn you Sony!

Gears of War 5 – Xbox

It may be just as well to sign up to the Ultimate Games Pass where you can get Gears for free effectively (as well as a host of other games) after a rocky start the game has been patched and now stands proudly as a highlight in the series.

The outer worlds

There has been a big Mass Effect and Fallout shaped hole in our hearts recently. This game manages to somehow fill both of those gaps. The game is made by Bethesda who have great form when it comes to making RPG’s and this highly polished effort emphasises the companies pedigree.

WWE 2K20

Yes, this version seemed like a step backwards for the franchise and there are a lot of bugs. But patches are getting it up to scratch and the DLC makes it an incredibly fun game. It’s worth picking up just to play as the new versions of Bray Wyatt. Yowie Wowie!

Borderlands 3

The third game in the series gives us more of what we love. The great art style, great humour and more gun types then any game could possibly ever need! Just buy it already.

Need for Speed: Heat

Although it is fair to say that this series is inconsistent; when it’s good it is very good. And the latest in the series sees a real return to form for the gloriously arcade-y driving game. If your kid is a gamer that simply can’t wait for the new Forza or Gran Turismo then this is definitely the game they will want to find under their tree this Christmas.

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