Fortnite Chapter 2’s First Season Will Be Extended Into 2020

The first season of Fortnite Chapter 2 will be extended into 2020, developer Epic Games announced recently.

In October, Fortnite emerged from a black hole with a new look, a new map, and a new two-month season to earn Battle Pass rewards. Now, that season has been extended all the way until early February 2020, Epic announced in a short blog post today.

The company didn’t give much reason for the extension beyond wanting to prepare for “new holiday-themed updates.” Epic’s blog post also teases “new game features, free rewards and a live experience that you won’t want to miss.” Maybe that live experience will be this season’s big live event? Or perhaps players will have the chance to take down a new creature like Fortnitemares’ Storm King.

The reason? To account for a whole slew of holiday content that’ll roll out over the new few months. Over the holiday season, Epic said it will unveil “new game features,” new rewards, and “a live experience that you won’t want to miss.” Here’s the full statement:

With a new year comes new beginnings! Last year Fortnite fans celebrated 14 Days of Fortnite over the holidays. This year we’ve got even more content for you to unwrap, including new game features, free rewards and a live experience that you won’t want to miss. To prepare for all the new holiday-themed updates, we will be extending Chapter 2’s first season into early February.

Though, let’s be real here, Epic Games could’ve quite easily kept the status quo. “Fortnite” reportedly raked in $2.4 billion in revenue last year, and is still being played by millions around the world. Yet, Epic pushed “Fortnite” further into the mainstream through movie tie-ins with “Avengers: Endgame” and “John Wick: Chapter 3,” as well as virtual concerts with Marshmello and Weezer. This shows how the company is always looking to improve the experience.

Additionally, last year with 14 Days of Fortnite, the game’s map got a winter makeover, with each of the 14 days bringing “new and returning LTMs.” Holiday outfits were updated in the Item Shop daily, along with a “festive Battle Bus,” a “Snowball Launcher,” and Fortnite’s “holiday-lit Legendary Bush” in-game. Celebrations continued into the start of 2019.

As explained the The Burnin, this year Epic tapped into the massive eSports market, as it held the first-ever Fortnite World Cup. Forbes’ preview on the Fortnite World Cup finals noted how the prize pool was an eye-popping $100 million, but the shooter is late to the eSports market. It’s timely arrival coincides with huge growth in the sector though, Statista reports that the industry has grown from being worth around $130m worldwide in 2012 to $1.79bn by 2022.

Whilst the Fortnite World Cup shot straight to the top of the Twitch charts, another World Cup on a different platform has had gamers hooked. FIFA is a cultural phenomenon that has even been credited with helping drive soccer as a sport across the United States. Whilst tournaments have taken place for many years, FIFA’ ‘Ultimate Team’ mode has become an eSport in its own right and earns Electronic Arts huge sums through add-ons sales. Trading in Ultimate Team players has become a skill in itself and a vital part of the game. An article by bwin Sports explains how you can get ahead in the world of micro-transactions and put together a team you could perhaps take to the next FIFA World Cup. Building your team and honing your skills is almost as much a part of FIFA’s ‘FUT’ mode as actually beating an opponent.

For the meantime, “Fortnite” players can continue enjoying Season 1 until February 2020. And if there are any more surprises from Epic, rest assured that The Burn-In will keep you abreast with whatever they are cooking up.

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