Should You Get The Xbox Ultimate Pass?

The x-box game pass is the evolution of Microsoft’s online subscription services. Before we take a glance at this service let’s cast a brief look at an existing media package that’s doing everything right. Amazon Prime is leading the way with subscription services. It includes Amazon video, free postage for Amazon orders, Amazon music and is even playing host to premier league football. What’s more, they’re nailing the delivery.

So with Amazon leading the way, and services like Netflix and Spotify starting to trail behind what is Microsoft doing with their games subscription service? Well as it happens they are doing a fair bit! For a tenner a month now you can get the Xbox ultimate game pass. But what’s that? What does it do? Should you get it?

Powers combined

Drawing on ideas from fellow service streamers x-box are combining their services into a neat package. A tenner a month gets you access to their games library, which is pretty extensive and is regularly updated with new games. But more than that it gives you access to Xbox live gold. With this service, you can play games online and get 3 freebie games every month. That alone is surely worth the admission fee?

Xbox live

Some have argued that this service should be free as standard. The fact is that more casual gamers don’t really need it. If you’re only interested in single-player games then gold might not be necessary. But if you are a fan of twitch shooters then there is a good chance you are going to want gold. Even if you don’t like playing against others, a lot of coop games can be played online via Xbox live gold.

Freebie games

While this is a big selling point, mainly because unlike the library collection, you have these for life, it is worth pointing out they tend to be a mixed bag. There is always one 360 title among the three and the standard of the other two vary massively. However as a regular subscriber, over the years, I have got some absolutely quality games that I might not have tried if not for the deal.

The game catalogue

This is where it comes into its own. The catalogue here is massive. It has all the previous incarnations of classics like Gears of War and Halo. It has Xbox games, 360 titles and a wealth of Xbox one titles. As a writer, I feel I overuse the phrase more (insert something here) than you can shake a stick at, but there are more games here then you can shake a stick at. The variety is insane, with everything from the classic city-builder, Skylines through to the incredible new Gears of war…speaking of which…

New titles

Microsoft has taken the bold move of adding new games to its service. What it means is that a lot of people are not going to be paying for their newest titles, however, they are banking on it being a major boon for their subscription service. As well as Gears they have the amazing new RPG from Bethesda, Outer Worlds. The game is gorgeous and well worth the admission fee alone.

Should I get it?

In the words of the immortal Stone Cold Steve Austin, ah Hell Yeah! Each individual element is decent value for money and combined they make a formidable package. Microsoft might do well to look into video streaming because if they did, Netflix might be in trouble. The idea of getting all your media for one price is what makes Amazon so appealing if the gaming giants go down this path they could make a real impact.

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