Is The New Star Wars Any Cop?

A long time ago in a galaxy fast, far away…those familiar words appear and every fan up and down the country either gasped with excitement or crossed their fingers and braced themselves. Gir the majority of us the last Star Wars movie fell flat. It just wasn’t what the doctor ordered. So how was the latest instalment of the saga? Here is our relatively spoiler-free summation.


This film had a lot going against it. Its predecessor was divisive. The director was changed, Carrie Fisher passed away. All of this had a dramatic effect on the movie. And it sort of showed. The plot didn’t feel particularly cohesive. It felt a bit ad hoc, and perhaps it had to be that way, or maybe the writing wasn’t as slick as it could have been. Either way, the plot was not the strongest part of this film, but then with a franchise like Star Wars, sometimes the plot is just a device to deliver us (inter)stellar action scenes.


The film zipped along. It’s a decent length movie clocking in at roughly two hours and twenty minutes and they really do zoom by, often a little too quickly. The dizzying pace of the movie means you never have time to get bored, but sometimes you could use a breather just to take stock and process the plot which at times could be described as convoluted.


It’s a Star Wars movie. I mean don’t get me wrong the series has featured some classically trained heavyweights in its time, and the addition of Richard E Grant added a certain gravitas to the cast, but this is still Star Wars. It’s hammy and over the top. The acting is probably what you would expect from the franchise. Importantly nobody is as wooden as Hayden Christensen was in the prequel trilogy.


As we spoke about in our review if the Mandolorian, music is an important facet to any Star Wars related tv show or film. The score of this movie is flawless. There is one particularly epic scene where the classic Star Wars theme kicks in and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The scene itself is epic in scale and for the briefest of seconds, you are transported back to being a kid and seeing Luke and Leia swing across to the opposite platform on the Death Star. It is on par with that.

Tying up loose ends

We left the last Star Wars movie confused and irritated. Who was Snoke, why was Rey important, Why did Adam Driver have to have his shirt off, all these questions are answered by the new movie, well perhaps not that last one. It seems that Abrams decided consciously to undo a lot from the previous movie. Some might see that as pandering to fans. Good. When you make movies you do so for an audience to enjoy them. When most of the audience thinks your movie is awful, change it up. Of course, the issue with this is it added to the plot issues, which I’m sure would have already been hampered by the tragic loss of Carrie Fisher. Fortunately, JJ gets Star Wars.

So is it any good?

It’s not bad. Honestly from my personal perspective, The Last Jedi was the worst Star Wars movie, at least the Phantom Menace had Darth Maul in it. The plot for The Rise of the Skywalker isn’t great and some of the decisions leave you perplexed. but the final scenes are epic and a fitting end to the saga. Whoever makes the next Star Wars movie can step away from the Skywalkers. Use new planets, create new loveable droids and aliens and that might be welcome. Fans service is rife in this movie and it certainly isn’t the worst of the bunch, but in wish, I hadn’t stayed awake for the midnight showing.

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