These Horror Films Need To Become Games

Great horror games are in short supply. These were all the rage in the nineties with titles like Silent Hill, and Resident Evil but they are less common in this millennia. Do you know what’s even rarer? Good horror movie games. With the exception of Jason Vorhees, who seemingly has a hundred games made about his antics, there are no good games based on horror. Here are a few horror films we would love to a game of, and how we would handle them.

The Leprechaun

These horror films were incredibly tacky and not at all funny, well they are funny but probably not in the way intended. Regardless they do have a cult following and would make for a potentially great and unique game. First of all, it would be an old school platformer where you control the titular Leprechaun as he scrolls from left to right in 8-bit glory collecting gold coins. Aiming for 100 per level. The bad guys are all humans and he would have attacks that maim them in hilarious ways, think Mortal Kombat fatalities. This would be genius. It needs to happen, it probably won’t.

The Village

Okay, so the movie was trash. But imagine a city builder game where the intent was to grow the colony and prevent people from leaving. the more you advance the more elaborate your protection schemes to prevent outsiders invading or people escaping. It starts off with a few wind chimes and elevates into using elaborate tech to create animatronic monsters. However, there is a politics dynamic where you have to convince your serfs that the metal they are mining is totally not to control their lives. Trash film, great game.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy is just frigging cool, man. In fact, I’m going to say it. He is the best of all the slasher villains. You can keep Micahel Myers and Jason. This doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just take a similar tack to the Friday the 13th game. You control the bad guy, you do lots of killing. It doesn’t need to be bogged down.

Multiple franchises

This will almost certainly never happen but I’m allowed to dream. Imagine a Street Fighter-esque game with a massive roster of talent but they are all horror movies bad guys! You could have possessed Nancy Regan taking on the Terminator, or the Predator taking on the Alien, oh wait, that’s been done. But you get the point. There is a lot of potentially great battles that a game like this could let us have (although if you are like me you have used the modding capabilities of wwe2k in order to replicate this!)

The Shining

This would be an escape room type game. Slow-paced, no combat. You would start off in a spooky room and you have to solve puzzles (and occasionally run away!) In order to escape the spooky hotel. This could tie in with game lore and be set prior to the events in the original movie. Perhaps telling the story of the original massacre that took place in the hotel, with far more focus on the whole burial ground storyline.

Happy Death Day

This is one of my favourite modern horror franchises. The movies are sort of a hodgepodge of horror and groundhog day and if you are wondering if that combination works. It really does. Quite how the game would be executed I’m not sure. But it should surely be “rogue-like”, you improve your character, but when they die their stats weaken and everything becomes that little harder. I’m guessing that it would be a puzzler of some sort too.

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