What Type Of Gamer Are You?

When I use the phrase “they are a gamer” what image springs to mind? For most of you, it might be some unkempt type, perhaps they are wearing a geeky tee-shirt. Maybe they lack any sort of social skills. The truth is there are many types of gamers. Here are the main ones.

The sweaty gamer

Literally, these people are often sweaty. This moniker is gifted to those who “sweat it out” the gamers who will readily stay up beyond the witching hour just to eek a few more gamer points out of the latest freebie game. These people often forgo showering in order to game. They are a big part of the reason stereotypes exist, but we commend their commitment.

The Good At Everything Gamer

While most gamers are geeky creatures, this is the guy who is the captain of the school football team, looks like Zac Efron and sings like Prince and Madonna had a child together. (Yes it’s a dated reference but I’m old). These people have no right to be ace at video games, but they are ace at everything so it’s to be expected. Their speciality game is almost certainly FIFA.

The strategy gamer

Characterised usually by their total lack of athletic ability which also translates into poor reactions and them staying away from twitch shooters and their ilk. These gamers are skilled at their craft though. Speeding from one area to another spamming shortcut keys on their custom keyboards with their trusted weighted mouse to aid them. You do not want to take this person on in DOTA.

The Twitch King

These guys are invariably in their teens and may often use phrases like “noobs”. They will know all the gaming terminology and be able to pick up any shooting game and dominate. Their K/D ratio will be insanely high and they will display almost superhuman reactions.

The buyer

This is a very unique type of gamer. Their lives are typically busy. They will often be a parent and therefore their time is at a premium. Struggling to let go of their past where they hammered Sonic and completed it with all the Chaos Emeralds, whenever a new title comes out they purchase it. More than that they purchase all of the DLC that comes with it. While they are at work they will read the reviews and guides for their new purchase and eventually they invest approximately 7 seconds on actually playing the thing.

The power nerd

You’d think these would be powerful gamers. They aren’t necessarily the best gamers on the planet but where they do excel is with their knowledge. Want to know the name of Marcus Fenix’s long last great aunt? They will be able to tell you. They are classic collectors too. They are literally the people who those hundred quid versions of the game that come with a book and figurine were made for.

The teacher

This is not someone who instructs other people how to game. This is a person who literally works in a school. During term time their consoles gather dust or are used solely for lining up repeats of Waterloo Road on Netlfix, but come the holidays they enjoy six weeks solid of gaming in their pants. You ever tried gaming against a teacher? They are almost always amazing.

The statistician

This player, if they are a sports fan is likely to play fantasy football. They love knowing the refire rate of weapons and if they play MMORPGs (which they probably do) they will spend literally hours hunting out a new Cape just because it gives then a one-point boost to their luck score.

So there we have it? Which sounds most like you? Have we missed any? Let us know!

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