Animals We Would Like To See As Companion Characters

Companions in video games aren’t as new a phenomenon as you might imagine..even if you travel back to the 8bit console days, Sonic had Tails, Mario had Toad. A valiant hero needs their trusty sidekick! With that said it’s always so much more fun when they are a pet. Look at Will Smith in I Am Legend. So with that idea firmly in our mind let’s take a look at some companions we would like to see in games in the future.

A bearded dragon

These make wonderful pets and by extension, we imagine they would make a terrific companion on your heroic adventures. Off the top of our heads, we are struggling to imagine them being anything more than an aesthetic addition. After all, what are they going to do? Gum you enemy to death? Unless they were literally a grasshopper your buddy wouldn’t be much of a help. Don’t worry there will be more practical suggestions as we progress.

A robotic dog

Dog companions aren’t uncommon, robot companions have been done. But what games have a robotic dog? There is a precedent for it too, after all, Doctor Who had k9 accompanying him on his adventures. To my knowledge, it has never been done in a video game though. This is a travesty that needs addressing.

A lion

Because it’s a mother chuffing lion! Here is a companion that could wade into an attack and do some real damage. They look cool, they are loyal. Why am I wasting my time by trying to justify this? Lions are cool, man! Also, it would be the games mane attraction…sorry.

A parrot

Okay, so this would probably be most fitting in a pirate-themed game, of which there is not enough in my humble opinion. Okay, so this is never going to be a damage-dealing companion it would be good as a way-finder. Offering hints when you are close to buried treasure. Give it a personality like Iago and you are on to a winner.

An armadillo

Preferably a human-sized one like the costume that Ross wears in Friends. This may seem like an old choice but consider this. These would make a cracking tank companion. They are armoured so they can soak up a great deal of punishment, plus they can sniff put trouble. Also, you can run around quoting the retro dime bar advert which was pretty much comic genius.

An actual dinosaur

I mean the options are numerous but I really like the idea of an ankylosaurus. Once again it would have mad tanking skills due to its thickest armour, but with its heavy club it could also dish out the damage making it a cracking companion.

A ghost

Okay, so a ghost isn’t exactly an animal but it would make a pretty unique companion and once again I can’t remember anyone having done it before. How a ghost companion would function is questionable. I guess they could be a poltergeist and fire projectiles making them a ranger companion.

A crab

Crabs are cool. They would be an offensive companion based purely on their crustacean claws. Seeing them scurry into combat would be glorious, especially if accompanied by tip-tap sound effects.

A giant Thunderbird

No, I’m not talking about International Rescue! That would be cool though. Some kind of large bird would be great. They could swoop into battle or unleash lightning bolts from afar making them a ferocious foe and an admirable ally.

A shark

Okay, so this might be tricky to pull off. Sharks are not really associated with dwelling on the land, but is a flying shark beyond the realms of possibility? If you can suspend your disbelief for a second this would make an epic companion.

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