Things You Do In GTA But Not Life

There is no question that Grand Theft Auto is one of the greatest games of all time. The longevity and unwavering popularity of the title is unquestionable. In terms of aesthetics and depth, it is unrivalled, but it isn’t always hyper-realistic. Here is a list of things you don’t think twice about in GTA that you probably wouldn’t do in real life.

Sleep with and then kill a hooker

I mean maybe you would, Jack the Ripper probably did. The fact remains that one of the most common things to do in GTA is to get a hooker into your car, do the deed, kill them and then take back your “hard-earned cash”

Deliberately barge people

As you walk down the road if you don’t give people adequate distance you barge them. If you are running then you will knock them on their backside. Seriously at times, it looks like something from the video to the Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony. I mean people can be a little rude at times but this is that with the volume turned up to the max.

Fly a helicopter

This is pretty niche, isn’t it? I mean sure, if you are a pilot for a living, statistically it is more likely that you will do this. But being wholly honest for the most of us we are lucky if we ever get to step into a chopper let alone fly one.

Play tennis

Okay perhaps I’m being a bit tongue in cheek here but honestly, this is an example of how the other half live isn’t it? I’m sure there are probably people that play tennis on a regular basis but I might call into question if they are the sort of people who would potentially play Grand Theft Auto. Guarantee if they do that they play it on a massive 90-inch flat-screen. If I sound like I have screen envy it’s with good reason.

Drive into people on the side of the road

At least I hope that the majority of you don’t do this. Every veteran GTA player will know that when traffic gets busy it can really slow you down. Ploughing through unsuspecting pedestrians by the side of the road is a real time saver and it earns you stars and who doesn’t like stars? They are shiny and pretty.

Own an RPG

Obviously here we mean a Rocket-Powered Grenade and not a Role Playing Game. Let’s be quite honest it’s not too big a stretch to classify GTA as a form of role-playing game. However, I think it is quite fair to say that most of us don’t parade around the streets with a “noob tube” strapped to our backs ready to shoot choppers out of the sky.

Switch character

In GTA certain missions require (to quote Liam Neeson) a certain set of skills. When this happens in GTA we just switch to a different character. You can’t do that in real life! We are not James McAvoy (you get I mean in the film Split, right?) Don’t get me wrong, I know that some of us have a work persona, but we don’t become completely different people, do we?

Shoot up the strip club

I refuse to make some crass gag or innuendo about strip clubs. I’m better than that. Besides nothing came up… strip clubs do exist. We have one in my town centre and I don’t live in a particular populous town. You go, you look at the pretty girls, you pay too much for drinks, that’s what you do in those establishments. You do not pull out an AK47 and start mowing down the pretty girls. It’s just not cool, man.

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